How Can I Delete My Snippet?

* As an anon user, if your user cookie matches with snippet owner's, you can just click the delete button on the snippet detail or on my code snippets page.

* As a registered user, you can just click delete button on snippet detail page or on my code snippets page.

* If your user cookie doesn't match with the snippet owner's (if you changed browser/device or deleted cookies), you will need the delete token provided while creating the snippet. If you have it, you should refresh the snippet detail page by adding ?remove query to the end of the link. Then delete button will appear. If you lost your delete token, neither you nor us be able to delete that snippet unless it's violating our Terms Of Service. If so please contact us via email.

What Are Your Terms Of Service?

You can check Terms Of Service page.

What Is Your Privacy Policy?

You can check Privacy Policy page.

How Can I Contact With PasteCode.io?

You can send mail to [email protected]

You can DM on Twitter.