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* Empty commit (tests trigger):
git commit --allow-empty -m "Trigger Build"

* Staging box (deprecated)
ssh access-staging
rssh-stg api-staging 
sudo su - nobody
source resy.bash_profile

* BlueAdmin credentials (localhost OS)
email: noc@resy.com
password: re5ybgm16

* Gazi’s account:
email: gazi.s.uddin@resy.com
password: Resytest!@#$2

* Resy Mobile Apps Download Links

* Bump the package version
The upload way is through setup tools scm, it uses the git tag for the version (Amex use semantic versioning)
for version 1.0.0
- major releases with breaking changes makes the package jump up a major version, so 2.0.0
- minor releases with no breaking changes make the version jump up a minor version so 1.1.0
- patch releases fix a bug in a previous release, so 1.0.1
1. Git tag {version}
2. pip install -U twine setuptools wheel  setuptools-scm
3. rm -rf dist
4. python setup.py sdist bdist_wheel
5. twine upload -r resy dist/*

Update requirements.in file, and then run:
 pip-compile --no-emit-index-url --output-file requirements.txt requirements.in
 pip-compile --no-emit-index-url --output-file requirements.dev.txt requirements.dev.in

* Generating translations in OS repo; run from OS container in docker:
Requirements: install gettext on Docker (apt-get install gettext)

1. python manage.py makemessages --keep-pot --ignore=venv/*
2. after translations: python manage.py compilemessages 

* Resy Jira Ticket Types

* Staging Box 
1. log into any api box on staging, either via SSH or SSM (OKTA -> AWS -> EC2 -> stage-api) i-0ee16c53d30629559
2. sudo su - nobody
2.1. execute script:
cd /opt/resy/services/location/bin/
git fetch --all
git pull # OR git checkout $YOUR_BRANCH
call script from root: /opt/venvs/resy/bin/python /opt/resy/services/location/bin/location_set_region.py
2.2. after checkout to new branch execute python:
source resy.bash_profile
execute some python code

1. dc run api-unit-tests python /opt/resy/services/email/api/tests/EmailMessages_tests.py
2. dc run os-tests python -m unittest /opt/os/resy_os/apps/venue/tests/test_models.py ?
3. dc run messaging-tests python /opt/messaging/conversation/api/tests/Manager_tests.py  
4. python manage.py test apps.emailqueue.tests.CreateSurveyPromptCommandTest.test_new_survey_generate_email
5. dc run control-tests python /opt/control/handlers/v3/tests/Venue_tests.py

* Generating PROD API key: https://resy.atlassian.net/browse/GRN-160

* Get permission on: https://iiq.aexp.com/iam/home.jsf

* Make a booking reservation via Google: https://reserve-partnerdev.sandbox.google.com/maps/reserve/v/dine/c/nYdVESF6aQw (Staging)

* SSL: CERTIFICATE_VERIFY_FAILE - Add this to Dockerfile to requirements line: --trusted-host=pypi.resy.com
* SonarQube: https://sonarqube.staging.resy.com/dashboard?id=survey