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Paste Code Online is a code sharing website, only intended for the collaboration of developers. You can paste code online and share code online for free. supports up to 165 programming languages via syntax highlighting to fit your needs. You can put password or use the "For Myself" feature to keep your snippets for safe. Also, you can set an expiration time for temporary sharing. Pasted code snippets that without expiration time, may stay on our site indefinitely as long as you don't remove them.

Some features that make us different than other paste sites
  • Actively maintaining.
  • Syntax highlighting of 165+ languages with 8 different themes.
  • Automatic syntax detection in the most used 30+ languages via machine learning.
  • Password protection and client side AES-256 encryption.
  • Snippet forking(cloning).
  • Snippet expiration also with "Burn After Read".
  • "For Myself" toggle to keep snippet for yourself.
  • Mobile friendly UI also fully featured iOS app (Android is still in development).
  • Search engine for indexable snippets.
  • CLI client, Slack & Discord Bot, VS Code and Chrome plugin are coming soon.
  • Login/Register via Apple or Google (many more will come).
  • Two factor authentication.
  • Snippet list with filtering and syncing with your account.
  • Fullscreen (distraction free) view.
  • Editor customization (change theme, font size, word wrap etc.).
  • Pro membership.
  • and much more...

You are NOT ALLOWED to paste for any copyrighted or stolen material, any kind of personal, leaked or hacked data, spam links, malicious and hacking related content. For more information, you can check our terms of service and privacy policy.

Happy pasting 😉.