Terms of Service

1. You can only store code snippets of your own or open-source projects on PasteCode.io for sharing with your colleagues and friends. This service is intended solely for the collaboration of developers.

2. You are NOT ALLOWED to paste:

  • any material that is not related to coding
  • any material without the owner's permission
  • any copyrighted or stolen material
  • any personal data (including yours)
  • email conversations or IM chat transcripts
  • banking, credit card, or any financial data
  • any leaked or hacked data
  • password lists, API keys, serial numbers, secret keys, and/or certificates
  • any confidential and/or sensitive data
  • spam texts
  • links that point to deep, pornographic, illegal websites
  • links that point to copyrighted material, including torrent magnets (IP TV, cracked games, movies, etc.)
  • affiliate links or promotional material about yourself, work, company, website, etc.
  • data/information about illegal activities
  • malicious, hacking, and cracking-related material
  • political, sexist, deceptive, racist, and profanity material
  • any data and material that should not be seen by others
  • any data and material considered illegal

3. If any of your pasted code snippets violate these terms, we will immediately delete that snippet. If you try to abuse our service in any way, your user account and IP address will be banned permanently.

4. You can use the "Report" button on the snippet detail page to report violations.

5. Your IP address, user agent, and account information may be shared with legal authorities if requested.

6. All contents on PasteCode.io are user-generated. Although we regularly scan pasted snippets (except for encrypted ones) to ensure none of them violate the terms of service and take action against those that do, PasteCode.io does not take any responsibility for user-generated code snippets. We are merely a hosting provider for code snippets.

7. Pasted code snippets, except password-protected and "For Myself" snippets, are publicly accessible (even if you don't select the indexable toggle). This means anyone who knows the private (no index) snippet link can access that snippet. If you select the indexable toggle while pasting a snippet, your snippet will be accessible by search engines and bots and shown in our snippet search engine results. Otherwise, your snippet detail page will be marked as "noindex." It's up to search engines and bots to decide whether they will obey this rule or not. Therefore, keep in mind that private (no index) snippets always carry the risk of being accessible by search engines and bots. PasteCode.io does not take any responsibility for unintended 3rd party access to your code snippets and the consequences thereof. Please refrain from pasting any confidential information.

8. PasteCode.io does not take any responsibility for the consequences of you accidentally or knowingly pasting information that should not be public and should not be seen by others.

9. To prevent spam, we manually analyze the content of each pasted snippet. Even if a snippet is password-protected, private (no index), or for the user only, it should not violate the T.O.S. As a result, we can see the content of your password-protected snippet even if we don't (can't) know the password. We do not store your snippet's password in plain text. It is hashed with salt and then saved using the same method as your user account's password.

10. PasteCode.io cannot see the content of encrypted snippets. Encryption occurs on the client side, and the secret passphrase is stored in the visitor's browser. For this reason, our spam detection will ignore encrypted snippets. Also, we cannot effectively review reports because we cannot see the snippet's content. As with all other snippets, PasteCode.io does not take any responsibility for encrypted snippets either.

11. Your snippets may be used in machine learning algorithms for training purposes.

12. We may change the snippet's visibility status according to its content. For example, if you paste random letters for testing or for fun, it doesn't need to be indexed by search engines as it harms our SEO.

Last Update: 21.11.2022