Terms Of Service

You can only store code snippets of your own or open-source projects on PasteCode.io to sharing with your colleagues and friends. This service only intended for the collaboration of developers.

You ARE NOT ALLOWED to paste, share and use for any copyrighted or stolen material, personal (confidential) information (including yours), identity numbers, emails, addresses, phone or other contact information (i.e. customer list), banking & credit card or financial information, leaked information, login data, hacked data, password lists, API keys, secret keys, certificates or any sensitive information, spam texts, pornographic links and information, serial numbers, torrent, spam links and links that point to illegal/deep web sites, malicious and hacking related content etc.

If any of your pasted code snippet violates these terms, we will immediately delete that snippet. If you try to abuse our service in any way, your IP address banned forever.

PasteCode.io's all contents are user-generated. Although we regularly scan pasted snippets for being sure none of them violating terms of service and taking action for those violated, PasteCode.io does not take any responsibility for user-generated code snippets. We are just a hosting provider for code snippets.

Pasted code snippets (non password protected) are publicly accessible (even you don't select public toggle), keep in mind before using this site. This means; anyone who knows your snippet link may access that snippet even it's not public, including search engines and bots. If you select public toggle while pasting snippet, your snippet will be listed on explore and search page. In addition to that, anyone can search and find your snippet. PasteCode.io does not take any responsibility for unintended 3rd party access to your code snippets. Please, do not paste any confidential information.

Code snippets have no guarantee to stay forever on our site. PasteCode.io is not for long term code hosting. Your snippets might be deleted after some time.

These terms may be changed at any time at our discretion, without notice to the user. Anyone who visits PasteCode.io is deemed to have accepted these terms.

Last Update: 10.07.2021