Terms of Service

Last Updated: November 21, 2022

1. Permitted Use

You may use to store and share code snippets from your own projects or those that are open-source. This service is designed exclusively for developer collaboration.

2. Prohibited Content

You are strictly forbidden from pasting:

  • Non-coding related material
  • Material without the rightful owner's consent
  • Copyrighted or stolen content
  • Personal or sensitive data (including your own)
  • Email or IM chat transcripts
  • Financial data like banking or credit card information
  • Leaked, hacked, or unauthorized data
  • Passwords, API keys, serial numbers, secret keys, or certificates
  • Spam or links to inappropriate, illegal, or copyrighted material
  • Promotional content for personal or business gain
  • Information on illegal activities
  • Malicious, hacking, or cracking-related content
  • Politically sensitive, sexist, racist, profane, or deceptive material
  • Any other illegal or inappropriate data

3. Enforcement and Consequences

Violating these terms will result in the immediate removal of the offending snippet. Abusing our service may lead to a permanent ban of your account and IP address.

4. Reporting Violations

Use the "Report" button on a snippet’s detail page to alert us of any violations.

5. Legal Compliance

Your IP address, user agent, and account information may be disclosed to legal authorities upon request.

6. Disclaimer for User-Generated Content hosts user-generated code snippets but is not responsible for their content. We routinely scan snippets for compliance with these terms but are not liable for any user-generated content.

7. Public Accessibility of Snippets

Except for password-protected and personal snippets, all pasted code is publicly accessible. Snippets marked as non-indexable may still be accessed and indexed by search engines and bots. is not responsible for unintended third-party access or its consequences.

8. Responsibility for Pasted Content

You are solely responsible for the consequences of pasting content that should not be public.

9. Anti-Spam Measures

All snippets are subject to manual content analysis for spam prevention. Passwords for protected snippets are securely hashed and stored.

10. Encrypted Snippets

Encrypted snippets are processed client-side, and we cannot access their content. We are not responsible for encrypted snippets and cannot review them effectively.

11. Use of Snippets in Machine Learning

Your snippets may be used for machine learning training purposes.

12. Modification of Snippet Visibility

We reserve the right to change the visibility of snippets based on their content.