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Welcome to the MadLibs practice
Your goal is to practice using variables
Fill in each variable with a string
Run the code and see your silly story displayed

Now you are ready to create your own mad libs program!

adjective1 = ""
adjective2 = ""
adjective3 = ""
adverb = ""
exclamation = ""
famousPerson1 = ""
famousPerson2 = ""
noun1 = ""
noun2 = ""
noun3 = ""
noun4 = ""
noun5 = ""
number = ""
pluralNoun1 = ""
pluralNoun2 = ""
pluralTypeOfFood = ""
typeOfLiquid = ""

print('The first electric '+noun1+' was invented in 1904 by')
print('a '+adjective1+' young man named '+famousPerson1+'. He and his')
print('brother '+famousPerson2+' ran a small '+noun2+' repair shop,')
print('and in their spare time they studied '+pluralNoun1+' When they')
print('started work on their invention, everyone said, "'+exclamation+'!')
print('You\'ll never get it off the '+noun3+'." But they built')
print('an '+adjective2+' model out of old '+pluralNoun2+' and a used '+noun4)
print('The model worked fine, and in ten minutes it toasted 24 slices of')
print(pluralTypeOfFood+' It also used of up two gallons of '+typeOfLiquid)
print('an hour, and the top converted into a '+noun5+'. They sold the ')
print('patent to an '+adjective3+' millionaire for '+number+' dollars and')
print('lived '+adverb+' ever after.')