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8 months ago
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Happy 2 months chunmun 

Its been 2 months since we have started calling us a couple. I feel blessed chunnu to be your boyfriend 💓.
Chunmun you are my everything.
Thank you so much for being a wonderful girlfriend chunnu. 
Yes i know we do fight, argue and we do have misunderstandings sometimes. But none of it is bigger than the part that we love each other. There were bad days and good ones as well. There were days where i misbehaved i know and I am sorry for that. Pta ni yar ki hum sab perfectly ho raha hai ya ni. But mujhe ye pta hai ki mujhe tera sath ni chodna hai chunnu. Situation kaisi bhi ho we will make it work and perfection ka pta ni. But me cheezein khraab ni krunga tere liye. I promise chunnu
Thank you so much for the security that you offer me. I am blessed to have you as my gf. 

Your boyfriend