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1. 3D Graphics
    - Description: In 3D graphics or game development, you often need to represent objects and their positions in a three-dimensional space. Each point or object can be represented by its coordinates in a 3D space.
    - Dimensions: 3 dimensions.

2. Time-Series Data:
    - Description: Time-series data collected over multiple locations or under various conditions can be represented using multi-dimensional arrays. For example, recording temperature (or any other variable) at multiple times (1st dimension), at different locations (2nd dimension), and under different conditions (3rd dimension).
    - Dimensions: 3 dimensions or more, depending on the complexity of the data.

3. Color Images:
    - Description: A color image can be represented using a 3D array where the first two dimensions correspond to the pixel coordinates, and the third dimension represents the color channels (e.g., RGB - Red, Green, Blue).
    - Dimensions: 3 dimensions.
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