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2 years ago
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Good morning. Good morning. Are you still working on that task I gave you yesterday afternoon? Yes, I'm almost finished. Oh good. Thanks again for working on that. No problem. I have a question. Are you available later today to talk? Let me check my schedule. I know I have a meeting with some corporate investors this afternoon. I would really like to have this conversation with you today. Okay. Will this take less than 15 minutes? Yes, I think so. Okay. I can meet with you right now then. Let's sit here. Given how well my year-end evaluation went, I want to talk to you about my status as a temporary employee. You did perform really well last year. Thanks again for that. I think I should be made a permanent employee. I'll have to ask the other staff members. I know what they are going to say. In your current position, you haven't been able to demonstrate leadership skills which would be necessary for a permanent position. Would you be willing to train some new staff members so we can evaluate your ability to teach others? That sounds great. I know I'm kind of quiet and sometimes shy, but that will be a great opportunity for me to show everyone just how ambitious I really am. I like your confidence. Let me talk to the rest of the team and I'll get back to you. Thanks, boss.