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13 days ago
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hi can you write me an python code for connecting to oracle database and create total three connections one is PPM_PC,source,target
and using ppm_pc execute the below query
SELECT * FROM tibtcare_ppm.etl_ppm_replication_master WHERE eprm_catalog='SC' AND eprm_enabled_flg='Y'
and take eprm_table_name which is an column in dataframe
and after that execute below quaries using source and target
SELECT * FROM {schema}.{eprm_table_name}
in the above query eprm_table_name is the value which we have fetched from ppm_pc connection
now after fetching both source and target now compare source data with target data if any content changes are there in the rows(target) then update the target with the source db values

if you have any doubts ask me