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Spell Name: Tranquil Grove

Type: Supportive/Healing

Mana Cost: Moderate to High


Description: The druid calls upon the soothing energies of nature to create a tranquil grove that promotes healing and restoration.

Mechanics: When cast, Tranquil Grove establishes a magical area of effect centered on the druid. This grove provides a constant, moderate healing effect to all allies within its radius.
Area of Effect: The size of the tranquil grove could be influenced by the druid's magic level, allowing for customization and specialization.

Duration: The grove remains active for a reasonable duration, encouraging strategic placement in battles or while navigating challenging areas.

Visual Effect: A serene, shimmering area with floral and natural elements, symbolizing the rejuvenating power of the tranquil grove.
Additional Features (Optional):

Regeneration Boost: Tranquil Grove could also provide a temporary boost to natural health regeneration for allies within its radius, enhancing its supportive role.

Debuff Cleansing: The spell might include a minor cleansing effect, removing certain debuffs or negative conditions from allies within the grove.

Group Enhancement: To promote teamwork, the effectiveness of Tranquil Grove could scale based on the number of allies present within its area of effect.
The Tranquil Grove spell emphasizes the druid's role as a supportive class, providing a healing and rejuvenating aura to allies in the midst of adventure. This type of spell encourages druids to strategically position themselves to maximize its impact, fostering a cooperative and team-oriented playstyle.
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