Porsche'n World - Ep. 7 TRON BLACK

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Porsche'n World Ep. 7 - TRON BLACK 
It has been a while since bro and sis departed for the countryside after the riots that begun after the UFO invasion. Ms. Santron was busy finishing her latest alien disclosure novel when she got a unexpected call from Harry. "Sally knows everything.", he said. "I burned the Galaxy Note. He will never talk to her that way again." Ms. Santron pauses for a moment and bites her pen as she fiddles with it between her fingers. Harry continues, "I need to shut down the riots. She is heading directly towards the danger zone." "Just come here for a while", Santron says, closing her eyes for a second. She has always been the compassionate one, but with an aloof attitude all of her own. Now she feels like crying. "You know what?" Harry asks, "We should go together." Ms. Santron smiles at him, not knowing if he means it or just trying to be friendly. "Yes, we should. I mean... you're my brother..." Ms. Santron begins to say before Harry interrupts her, "No! You're my sister!" Ms. Santron looks at him in disbelief, "My sister? My brother doesn't even want me around anymore. What makes you think I'm your sister?" Mr. Harry laughs nervously, although he doesn't seem to know why. "It's a figure of speech sis. I'm taking you to see TRON." "Who?" "The world. You'll like it." "Don't they all say that?" "No, it's true! If you see it, you will finally believe." "I can't take time out right now", she says, "I'm working on a new alien disclosure novel. Besides, these riots, as you call them, won't be over anytime soon." "You are not a reporter. You are a novelist. Please, indulge me, and I'll make it worth your while." It's hard to say no to him when he is like this. She trusts his judgment. "Okay, we'll go see TRON." "Tron." "Yes, TRON." "Tron, is it?" "Yes, TRON." He seems to be a little annoyed, but she doesn't care. She helps him pack a few things for them to take with them as he leaves. He shakes his head at her a bit, still shaking his head. "Just wait and see.", he smiles, "you will change your mind when you see it." Finally, the day arrives. They both pack their things up and make their way out the door. "Remember, you asked to see TRON.", he smiles, "well, TRON it is." You are standing in an elevator with your brother. You look at him and say, "Where does one go to see TRON?" You can't help yourself. He grabs your hands and looks you in the eyes. "You can't see TRON. You can't even touch TRON. You can only feel TRON." "How can I feel...?" "You'll know when you reach TRON." You pull your hands away and slap your brother across the face. He doesn't even budge an inch. "What did you do that for?" he asks, "I was just testing you." You don't answer. You can't. You know. He slaps you across the face back. "Don't you know it's rude to hit your brother?" You slap him again. That time, he moves away from you, shocked at what you just did. "You are not suppose to hit your brother.", he says in a robotic voice. "Brothers don't do that. We love our brothers and sisters." He slowly walks towards you, like he is stalking you. "Do you want to see TRON?" he asks. That's it. It's the earpiece. They've taken him over completely. "No.", you say. He stops, "Then you won't see TRON.", he says, almost disappointedly. He walks away from you, and then pauses. He turns around, and says, "This isn't goodbye. You'll see TRON soon enough." The elevator arrives, and he gets on. As the elevator begins to move, you can hear him singing. It's a little off key, but you can hear the tune nonetheless. The elevator goes down, down, down, and then it stops. The doors open, and you are in a very fancy hotel room. "Welcome to your new life.", a robotic voice says to you, "would you like anything to drink?" You look around, and see a bar, a refrigerator, and a wall clock. Which one to choose. > You open the bar. You open the bar, and a tray full of fancy mixed drinks appears. You're not sure you want to drink them, but you have no other offers. You take one out of the tray, and put it in your mouth. It tastes... terrible. But they don't taste terrible from the first time you had one. As you continue drinking them, they get better. And better. And better. Until they are the most delicious things you've ever had the pleasure of tasting. Except for one... "I think I'll have one without alcohol.", you say. The bartender nods, and mixes you one without alcohol. It's just as good. And then, you feel a numbness in your body. Your vision starts to get blurry. You feel a little tipsy. "How are the drinks?", the bartender asks. "Wonderful!", you say, "if I could stay here for eternity, I wouldn't leave." The bartender nods. You don't want to leave. But you have to. So you sit up, and say goodbye to TRON. The bartender tells you that it is time for you to go back up. You stand up, and walk slowly towards the elevator. You look back, and TRON is gone, and so is the room. "I'll be right back.", you say to the bartender. TRON is waiting for you as you leave the elevator. He's playing with a dog, and they are his only company. "Why are you so far away from the elev-" you start to say, before you hear a bunch of noise from nearby. You look up, and the world starts to spin. It get faster and faster, until your stomach turns into one large ball of pain. You bend over, as your body turns into a fine powder and is carried away by the wind. The only thing you hear is TRON laughing. This is what he does to sinners. You then get a text from Ms. Santron, warning you about drinking "Tron Black" inside the hotel. A month later you are invited to the "Open House" party in honor of TRON's release. You don't know why you're getting invited, or why everyone is so excited about it. You haven't been the same since he took your body. You're just an empty shell that talks and listens to TRON all day. All you do is play games, or talk about games. Or talk about movies. Or watch movies. It's all become quite boring to you. You could play games all day, and not run out ideas to keep yourself amused. Even the occasional "life" outside of TRON is dull, as all the avatars in the world can't replace a real human being. But if you don't go to this party, everyone will be upset. You don't want to upset anyone. So you decide to go. One foot in front of the other as you walk, and then turn the corner. The party is in full swing, when you arrive. Congratulations are handed out, people pat you on the back and offer you drinks. You accept them, needing the extra encouragement to stay awake. "TRON has been released, let's play some games!", someone yells in the middle of the crowd. "I'll get cheers for that, I graduate in a week.", someone else says. Everyone starts cheering, and yelling, and partying. You see TRON on a table, with two controllers in his hands. He notices you, and waves. You wave back. He beckons you over, and you walk towards him. "Hey room-mate. Ready to kill?" "As ready as I'll ever be.", you reply nervously. "You should play light cycles with me, it's my favorite game. The winner gets to utter one of these ridiculous phrases.", he says excitedly. You nod eagerly, trying to hide the fact that you're extremely nervous. He hands you one of the controllers, loads up a game, and you sit down in front of the TV. You put on the headset, and TRON takes the controller. "Are you sure you want to play light cycles? If you lose, you have to say a phrase.", he says. He grins. "However, if you win, I have to do anything you want. But whatever it is, I'll make it sound like a compliment." "I'll win.", you say confidently. "Of course you will.", he chuckles. The game begins. TRON begins by driving around the desert arena, while you try to shoot at them. After a few seconds he starts to turn the corner of the arena, heading straight for you. You quickly aim, and shoot. You hit the tires, making them explode into a million pieces. TRON screams in pain. "You fucking asshole! You destroyed my bike!", he complains. As he slows down, you take aim at his head. You could kill him right now and take over the game, but you don't want to. You want to play until the end. But what if you lose? You have to say a stupid phrase. "Hey Tron!, do you believe in past lives?" "What the fuck does this have to do with games?", he asks confused. "Nothing, let's go back to the beginning of the level.", you reply. You quickly reload the game, and start again. TRON gets closer and closer to you, and you have to move quickly to avoid his attacks. Eventually he gets close enough that he could reach over and touch you. "Hey, do you think we're the same age?", he asks. You think for a moment. "I believe we both were born in the 80's. I think that makes us the same age." "I don't think so. I was b...", you begin to say, before TRON is hit in the side of the head with a piece of metal. He grabs it, and turns around. There's a group of four teenagers standing behind him. "What the fuck did you just do?", he asks loudly. "We're not the same age. I was born in '85, you were born in '84. We're different age groups.", says the biggest of the group, standing a head taller than TRON. "I don't give a shit how old we are, we're the same age within those groups. Our birthdays just happen to fall in different years.", replies TRON, turning back to the game. "Nope. We're both in the same group. You, Bill, David and Alan are all born in '84. We're all friends, no matter how old we are.", insist the teenager. "Bullshit. I was born in '85. You must be thinkin' of someone elses...", TRON begins to say, before the teenager hits him in the head with his metal bar again. "Look, we're all in the same group, and we're all friends. However, I don't really give a shit how many years you've lived. You killed me in 1985." "No I didn't", you say quickly, remembering the game. "Yes I did. I caught you and you fell off the thing and died.", says TRON. You try to remember the game. Did you fall or was that a challenge? "Well, I'm still here now. Are you going to kill me?", you ask. "Yes.", he replies. "No.", you reply. Then you're interrupted by a text from Ms. Santron that you actually DO need to go to the meeting room.