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Turkey's strategic focus on research and development in the field of 5G and beyond connectivity technologies presents a significant economic opportunity. The global economic value projected for 5G by 2035 is an astounding $13.2 trillion, with $4.7 trillion originating from applications in the manufacturing sector. Recognizing this potential, the 5G@EndTech Program, led by Nokia, Türk Telekom, and Arçelik, in collaboration with esteemed organizations such as the Presidency Investment Office, KOSGEB, TÜBİTAK TÜSSİDE, and the Ministry of Industry and Technology, assumes paramount importance.

The pioneering 5G Valley project aims to facilitate the utilization of 5G technology within university campuses, including prestigious institutions like METU, Bilkent, and Hacettepe Universities in Ankara. Beyond academia, the initiative seeks to broaden opportunities for companies, research centers, and start-ups to test their applications and technologies while fostering an environment conducive to value-added production.

In parallel, the initiative strives to establish and nurture an ecosystem capable of developing and delivering competitive, high value-added products and services in 5G and beyond. Ongoing efforts focus on designing algorithms and methods that align with forthcoming 5G standards.

Supporting the End-to-End Domestic and National 5G project is crucial for cultivating a comprehensive database of national 5G and beyond patents, positioning Turkey as one of the few nations capable of producing 5G technology. This inclusive initiative will enable academics, researchers, doctoral students, and start-ups to leverage an open testing ground dedicated to 5G technology advancement.

In the realm of smart factories, our approach encompasses the evaluation of subsystems such as network slicing, ensuring compliance with security requirements, and employing SDN and NFV structures for efficient management.

Significant strides are also being made in the domain of Internet of Things (IoT) within the 5G framework. We prioritize the development of big data technologies, encompassing areas like massive machine-type communication (mMTC), Software-Based Energy Networks, Cloud Technologies, and Artificial Intelligence applications.

Our commitment extends to the healthcare sector, where we actively engage in Internet of Medical Things (IoMT) advancements, as well as innovations related to Internet of Health (IoH) and Health as a Service (HaaS).

These impactful initiatives are poised to propel Turkey's technology sector forward and enhance its competitive prowess on the global stage. By capitalizing on the transformative potential of 5G and beyond, Turkey will attain unprecedented breakthroughs, solidifying its position as an innovation-driven nation.