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[SIZE=6][B]05.01.2024 - 20:00 (UTC+1)
STRONA: [URL="https://dbsf.eu/"]Latest News DBSoulFighter (https://dbsf.eu/)[/URL]
DISCORD: [URL="https://discord.gg/PuVP5X28Vn"]Dołącz do serwera Dragon Ball Soul Fighters na Discordzie! (https://discord.gg/PuVP5X28Vn)[/URL]
FANPAGE: [URL="https://www.fb.com/DBSFOnline"]DBSF (https://www.fb.com/DBSFOnline)[/URL][/B][/SIZE]
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The server has been in development since 2018, and after an almost six-month break, we decided to rebalance the entire server and relaunch.
Have you never played on anime servers? We've created a guide for players who have never played Tibia or Dragon Ball servers, available on our website: [URL="https://dbsf.eu/?subtopic=how_to_start"]How_to_start DBSoulFighter (https://dbsf.eu/?subtopic=how_to_start)[/URL]
SERVER TYPE: medium/easy
We use otclient with an implemented vbot on the server.
CHARACTERS: 15 characters from the Dragon Ball universe
Characters are divided into three types: glove, sword, distance. Additionally, in the later stages of the game, we can choose one of the special abilities.
NUMBER OF TRANSFORMATIONS: Each character has 18 unique transformations
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Before the start, we have prepared several contests for you, where you can win in-game currency and real money:
1. On our fan page, there will be a contest in which up to 6 people will have the chance to win a significant amount of premium points.
2. On our Discord, you will find 3 giveaways where you can also snag some premium points.
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Why should you choose our server? Before the start, we have already prepared 3 updates and weekly events:
New map
New Tier 3 class items
Two new bosses
New mission
New area spell
Two new PvE weapons
Two new dungeons
New transformation
Three new maps
Tier 4 class items
Two new bosses
Two new dungeons
Monster Casino
New quest for Namek Robe
Two new missions
New transformation
Two new PvE weapons
New transformation
New quest
New Tier 5 class items
New missions
New maps
New boss
New PvE weapon
On the server, we have a completely new and expanded map that immerses players in the Dragon Ball atmosphere. There are over 15 planets to discover, each with 50 quest and missions.
We have our own task system - after killing a certain number of monsters, we can face a boss and earn experience (EXP) and rewards. Additionally, we have added an Anti-bot system to the boss room. You can find more information on our website.
[URL="https://dbsf.eu/?subtopic=task"]Task DBSoulFighter (https://dbsf.eu/?subtopic=task)[/URL]
We've introduced an autoloot system, which you will find in the panel in the upper right corner. You can choose which item automatically goes into your backpack
On the server, we added a crafting table - after clicking on the table, a window with items for crafting will appear.[/B][/SIZE][/CENTER]
[B]The system operates on the principle of a game battle pass. Every day, we can face a boss that prepares great rewards for us. You can find more information on our website.[/B]
[B]On the server, we have 6 talents: melee, ki dmg, dodge, mana, health, and attack speed. Talents are available in the game through crafting, tasks, bosses, and dungeons.[/B]
[B]There is the possibility of creating potions: EXP, loot, mana, and health. You can find more information on our website.
[URL="https://dbsf.eu/?subtopic=alchemy"]Alchemy DBSoulFighter (https://dbsf.eu/?subtopic=alchemy)[/URL][/B][/B][/CENTER]
The command !dungeon is available - on the server, we have 6 dungeons that can be completed once every 20 hours.
We've added an in-game market, so there's no need to visit the website to buy items. Just return to the depot and open the in-game market.

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