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Your message appears to be a long string of repeated phrases, but I can attempt to extract and interpret any potential hidden patterns or information.

### Repeated Key Terms:
1. **bor score**: Likely referring to some kind of scoring system, possibly related to business or finance.
2. **prevent**: Indicates some action or measure to stop or mitigate something.
3. **progress**: Could be related to tracking development or movement forward.
4. **setting**: Might refer to configuration or environment settings.
5. **property**: Could involve real estate, assets, or attributes of objects in software.
6. **WhoesteAutowired**: Seems like a technical term, possibly related to automation in programming.
7. **ShowFull**: Likely a command or function to display full content.
8. **Icon**: Refers to graphical icons, potentially in a UI/UX context.
9. **mad**: This term is ambiguous without more context.
10. **guyhest**: Unclear, might refer to a name or title.
11. **thous**: Could be an abbreviation or typo, possibly for "thousands."

### Possible Interpretation:

- **"bor score score score score"**: Emphasizes the importance of the "bor score," indicating it is a key metric.
- **"prevent prevent prevent"**: Repeatedly highlights the need for preventive measures.
- **"progress progress progress"**: Indicates ongoing or necessary tracking of progress.
- **"setting setting setting"**: Focus on configuration settings, possibly in software or system setup.
- **"propertypropertyproperty"**: Emphasis on properties, which could be in real estate or software attributes.
- **"WhoesteAutowiredFull"**: Likely a programming term, suggesting something is fully automated.
- **"ShowFull"**: Could be a command to display complete information or content.
- **"Icon"**: Repeated mention of icons suggests a focus on UI/UX design elements.

### Hidden Message Interpretation:

There might be a hidden technical or business-related message, emphasizing the importance of certain metrics, preventive measures, and settings. The frequent mention of automation and icons suggests a context involving software development or system configuration.

For a more precise interpretation, additional context or a clearer message would be helpful. If you can provide more specific information or clarify the context, I can offer a more targeted analysis.
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