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**"Kings of the Streets"**

Yo, this is the story of Freddy and Charles

Two brothers from the hood, chasing dreams and battling odds

They rose up from the struggle, always having each other's backs

In a world full of chaos, they were the kings of the streets, no tracks

Freddy was the smooth talker, the one with the lyrical flow

His rhymes were fire, every word hitting like a strong blow

Charles was the silent type, let his actions speak for him

Together, they were unstoppable, their bond never grew dim

From the corner to the stage, they spit truths with no filter

Their hustle was relentless, their passion burning brighter

They fought for respect, their names ringing bells in the city

Freddy and Charles, the legends, their verses gritty

Through hardships and pain, they persevered and never gave up

Their music was their weapon, their voices loud and tough

Kings of the Streets, ruling the game with pure heart

Freddy and Charles, unstoppable from the start

In the concrete jungle, they found their rhythm and beat

Brothers in arms, their legacy etched in concrete

No obstacles too big, no challenge they couldn't defeat

Freddy and Charles, the kings of the streets, complete
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