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<p>NOTE - ‘&gt;’ denotes I was on my phone typing it out at that time. This is exactly how my logs were typed so I’ll keep it this way. I realize I posted logs quite often, But I don’t care at all. I posted whenever I felt a change or something funny occurring.</p>
<blockquote>8:40 - drank half of the 120ml bottle
8:55 - feeling 'funny'
9:01 - drank half of the rest
9:32 - weird and dizzy
9:34 - drank some moororewtf is wag
9:48 - head feels realllyyyy heavy
9:49 - shits feeling slow eating popcorn felt this was necessary to note
9:54 - stomach growled wtf
9:57 - chest is aggrevating, itchy... started singing what is love
10:00 - drank the rest
10:01 - im in love with juice, neck and eyes feel weird..cool sensation on shoulders
10:03 shits gettin bvlurry
10:08 - getting really hot taking shirt off
nts: yelling while itchy doesnt help
<p><a href="http://www.cakenet.net/tripout/" class="onebox" target="_blank" rel="nofollow noopener">http://www.cakenet.net/tripout/</a></p>
<p>10:23 - ran home took the biggest wettest shit possbile<br>
feel really dizzy<br>
10:28 - really zdizyzy onna take of fjeans<br>
wobbly while astanding stomach mumbling some words or some shit<br>
10:30 -= painfully itchy<br>
10:32 -failed at texting, drooled somehjow<br>
10:32-10:36 - layed in my ‘cool’ sheets scratching my back vigorously until ya that time n talkin to some girl l0l0l<br>
10:37 - head is insanely itchy LIKE BUGS ARE CRAWLING IN IT WTF I HAVE STO SCRATCH IT OMFG<br>
10:40 - scratching everywhere feels nice now<br>
10:42 0 -gonna go take a bath i feel like im shaking woah brb</p>
<p>10:46 Back is pure red full of scratches<br>
10: in bath because<br>
10:51 got a good head high now tho i’m writing this on my cell and txting while chillin. Ouch my back just started burning because of the warm water i’m gonna try n chill for a bit<br>
10:59 seems like i can control the itch now. Hurts still.<br>
11:02 i feel pretty good now gonna get out of this damn thing soon. It’s awesome. I move my head anywhere and still focus on this one spot. Great sensation<br>
11:06 My mind is at peace now<br>
11:14 - i got out of the bathtub… apparently that was my euphoria. i began drying myself off, and i couldn’t stop… faster, harder, faster, harder… threw the towel and started scratching at my legs. realized what i was doing so i tried as best as i can to finish drying off and walked to my room, while walking… noticed my legs werent bending. huh. scratching my feet now during the time of typing this out…<br>
`11:23 - gonna go lay down… might take more logs in my phone again while watching seinfeld<br>
11:27 went to fart and realized it’s not the best idea as i may shart. Scratching alot until i started typing this. Good. Txting some hoe <img src="../../images/emoji/twitter/slight_smile1bce.png?v=6" title=":slight_smile:" class="emoji" alt=":slight_smile:"><br>
11:30 - gonna poop<br>
11:34 hallucinate when i poop wait Wtf lol<br>
11:36 head is now insanely itchy. Update: head is now fine<br>
11:42 - head feels nice<br>
11:46 - i feel great right now…<br>
11:49 - i post logs often lol… i was itchy just now but i wasnt then i was then i wasn’t then my foot got itchy then im ok<br>
11:51 time is passing fast. Evert time i go to my bed i feel a great dizzy feeling. Slightly itchy right arm<br>
11:58 - put on supremacy.mp3 … fucking woah. waiting forit to<br>
fucking woahit hy legs btw<br>
12:01 the song made me feel good while watching family guy<br>
12:04 watching lois on family guy steal stuff made my lower back itchy lol… Why is it always about being itchy. Head feels awesome tho<br>
12:11 trip is gone i think. Moving my head still feels great. I has a slight tingly feeling</p>
<p>All in all, apart from the itching… It was pretty good. I will consider doing it again at a higher dosage since it’s on sale. <img src="../../images/emoji/twitter/smiley1bce.png?v=6" title=":smiley:" class="emoji" alt=":smiley:"></p>
<p>Surprisingly… I wasn’t feeling much until I drank the last bit of the bottle. Right then, I immediately left my friends house from playing RE5 and eating popcorn. (Duration between 10:08-10:23)</p>
<p>Thanks to the guys on irc,<br>
c|p jme_009 Imk0tter Rictoo_ pwnd_</p>