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</script><br><div class="abc">Over the coming months, we are going to be releasing a series of audio clips from the legendary Scott Jack.
If you're not familiar with his work, Scott is one of the world’s most sought after dating coaches for men, has run multiple 7-figure businesses, and has a very unique style of game with women that I have yet to see anyone else execute nearly as well. 
Scott's unique talent is that he's able to communicate with women in a way that is extremely high value.
The high value frame he sets for himself throughout his interactions allows him to completely cut down on any time-wasting conversations or activities. <br><br>
One night while we were living together, Scott entered his room and didn’t leave for over 12 hours. When he emerged, he had developed an entire flowchart for exactly how we should be conducting our Golden Phone Calls with women to get the exact same results we wanted with 80% less work. 
No more dinner dates. No more movies. No more wasting time.
Scott’s high value man game was the best Jesse and I had ever seen.
In fact, I’ve never once seen a single “date” of his go past 9pm. He is meeting 2-3 women per week, having the best sex of his life, and still getting a full night of sleep every night.  
(He's also doing this without ‘getting her drunk’ - Scott doesn’t drink).
In Volume 1 of Hypermasculinity, Scott digs into the essence of what it means to be a man in the modern era. He explores the causes of its disappearance and the antidotes that you as a man need to be focused on to unlock your truest form of masculinity.
We have circulated this lesson privately over the last couple weeks and the most common reaction is "holy shit - I need to listen to that again and again."
I was lucky enough to witness Scott record this particular audio. It was performed over a single take, with zero editing. 
This is something that you will find yourself coming back to over and over again. You may find some of content triggering or not politically correct. I implore you to really ask yourself why the information is making you feel that way? Dig deep with it and follow the Trail of Whys. Is it perhaps social conditioning? 
If you enjoyed this content and want more, leave your comments below or contact me (David) in Slack with what questions you'd like answered in the future. </div>