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[Medical Institution's Logo]

Fitness Certificate

Date: [Date of Issuance]
Certificate Number: [Unique Certificate Number]

To whom it may concern,

This is to certify that [Full Name of the Individual], date of birth [Date of Birth], has undergone a comprehensive medical examination at [Medical Institution's Name], located at [Address]. The purpose of this examination was to determine the individual's overall physical fitness for [Specify Purpose, e.g., participation in [Event Name]/employment/further fitness training].

The results of the medical examination are as follows:

1. General Health Assessment:
   - Blood Pressure: [Reading]
   - Heart Rate: [Reading]
   - Respiratory Rate: [Reading]
   - Body Mass Index (BMI): [Reading]
   - General Observations: [Any notable observations, if applicable]

2. Cardiovascular Fitness:
   - Treadmill Stress Test Results: [Results, if applicable]
   - ECG/EKG Results: [Results, if applicable]

3. Musculoskeletal Assessment:
   - Range of Motion: [Details of joint flexibility and mobility]
   - Muscle Strength: [Details of muscle strength assessment]

4. Medical History:
   - Pre-existing Medical Conditions: [List any relevant conditions]
   - Allergies: [List any known allergies]
   - Medications: [List any ongoing medications]

Based on the results of the examination and medical history, it is our professional opinion that [Full Name of the Individual] is physically fit to [Participate in [Event Name]/commence employment/engage in fitness training] as of the date of this certificate.

Please note that this certificate is valid only up to [Expiry Date, if applicable]. Any changes in the individual's health condition subsequent to this date are not covered by this certificate.

For any inquiries or further information, please feel free to contact us at [Contact Information of the Medical Institution].


[Name of the Issuing Medical Professional]
[Title of the Issuing Medical Professional]
[Medical Institution's Name]
[Medical Institution's Address]
[Contact Information]