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<!DOCTYPE html>
<title>Paper Folding Puzzle</title>
<script type="text/javascript">     
function FoldUntil(){

var count, dist, thick, str
count = 0; 
dist = parseFloat(document.getElementById('goalBox').innerHTML)* 5280 * 12; 
thick = parseFloat(document.getElementById('thickBox').innerHTML); 

   while(thick < dist)
       thick = thick * 2;
       count ++;
   str = "Total number of folds to reach Sun: " + count;
   document.getElementById("outputDiv").innerHTML += str;
	// declare variables
	// extract value from 'thickBox'
	// extract value from 'goalBox'
	// convert goal miles to goal inches
	// initialize counter for number of folds
	// set up while loop to continue 'folding' until 
	// the thickness is at least the number of required goal inches.
	// note that the thickness is doubled each time a fold is made.
	// be sure to increment number of folds each time another fold is made
	// display the number of folds needed
		Initial paper thickness (in inches): <input type="text" id="thickBox" size="8" value="0.002"> <br> 
		Goal distance (in miles): <input type="text" id="goalBox" size="10" value="93000000">
	<input type="button" value="Fold Until Goal" onclick="FoldUntil();">
	<div id="outputDiv"></div>