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15 days ago
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Hey, just a heads up really.

I'm sure you've seen some of the stuff Pothead has been doing to us this month (Onlining, levelling, raping main scorers down to 20eph day one, etc). That combined with all the tourney levelling last month (50+ tourney bots levelled that we never retaliated to to try and keep the peace) just means we're kinda fed up of him. 

Obviously clan war is war and anything goes and he's welcome to do all this but so are we. Yet he keeps elevating hostilities instead of just letting it be a respectful scoring race and its always gotta be threatening people with tourney rapes, onlining etc instead of just a competitive race to see who can click more.

He has a general habit of:
- Do something, e.g level a scorer
- Someone takes 300 energy from his dumpers in return
- He blows up and drains 20k energy from scorers

Same thing happened with tourney levelling last month. He levelled a bot, a few got levelled in response, so he levelled probably 50 bots. His maths suggests we should now level 800 tourneys in response.

So we're gonna shift focus to basically returning that favour now. He's more than happy to implicate lots of clan members just for being in the same clan as the person he's falling out with, so we'll have to do that too which is why you're getting this message. Anyone in a clan with him is gonna be a target of everything we can think of, as those are the rules that he wants to play by. 

For the foreseeable future, we'll be dedicated to interrupting everything he wants to do, and by his rules, that extends to clan members so apologies for that. Wish it didn't have to be that way but he knows he doesn't have many of his own tourney bots, low scorers, etc at risk and just risks your guys bots with no threat to himself. Then he'll "defend" you by levelling more, raping more etc, but it just causes you to suffer instead of him while he pretends to protect you when he's the one causing the suffering.

Again, we apologize ahead of time for anything that happens to you but rest assured if you, or he, ever part ways then it'll stop instantly as we have respect for everyone in Apex but him.

Fishwick + Lusitania
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