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The field of Artificial Intelligence (AI) holds paramount importance in line with Turkey's visionary goals of "Digital Turkey" and the "National Technology Move." As highlighted by Cahit Arf in his 1959 presentation, the proliferation of rational thinking is intrinsically tied to our pursuit of knowledge. AI presents an opportunity for Turkey to achieve a new techno-economic breakthrough, fostering a prosperous nation through the establishment of an agile and sustainable ecosystem that generates global value.

In this context, it is crucial to design and develop AI systems that align with shared values. Key objectives have been outlined to train AI experts, increase employment in the sector to 50,000 individuals, boost AI's contribution to GDP to 5%, graduate 10,000 individuals with advanced degrees in AI, support research, entrepreneurship, and innovation, expand access to high-quality data and technical infrastructure, and implement measures to expedite socio-economic cohesion. International collaboration and acceleration of workforce transformation are additional priorities.

Artificial intelligence is a critical technology that ushers in a new era through extensive R&D and P&D endeavors, with adoption across all sectors. In addition to driving the country's development and sectoral progress, AI presents significant employment opportunities.

Embracing AI's transformative potential aligns Turkey with global advancements, enhances economic growth, and ensures its competitive edge in the digital era. By leveraging AI's capabilities, Turkey is poised to achieve remarkable progress and secure a prosperous future.