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From    : Cruel: A Light-Hearted Plea
Forum   : Ideas - #50355
To      : All
Date    : Sat Aug 26 19:42:56 2023
| Greetings from the trenches where we brave souls dare to tackle
| the infamous Wyrm goal. It's me, Cruel again, and today, I have a bone (or
| perhaps, a dragon scale?) to pick.
| The Four Item Fiasco! So, we start with collecting these four 'legendary'
| items: visor of prophecy, orb of power (which by the way, behaves like it
| had too much elixir), orb of the four winds, and the oh-so-illusive ring
| of demonslaying. If I had a gold coin for every time I didn't get one of
| these, I'd probably have... well, quite a lot of gold coins.
| Spikes? More Like Yikes! After hoarding the four treasures like a squirrel
| with an identity crisis, we meet Abazel. He's supposed to give us the
| spikes of unknown evil to carry on our journey. Emphasis on unknown
| because he often forgets he even has them. 
| Albanon, the 'One Mistake and You're Toast' Dragon. Then there's this big
| bad dragon that just loves to watch the world (or our characters) burn.
| You mess up once, and it's back to square one. I'd like to remind everyone
| that Groundhog Day was a comedy, not an instruction manual!
| Now, esteemed game developers, I understand we all love a challenge. But
| there's a fine line between challenge and feeling like Im trying to bake
| a cake in a toaster. Sure, it might be possible, but why?
| As players with both digital and very real lives (I swear!), I implore you
| to show mercy. Perhaps adjust some drop rates, offer a few milestones, or
| even just a morale-boosting pep talk from an NPC now and then.
| If the Wyrm goal were any more time-consuming, I'd be sending you an
| invitation to my in-game retirement party. 
| *Mostly In jest.