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[[File:Housing_1.jpg|thumb|House variety in a settlement]]
'''Housing''' in [[New World]] allows players to own a plot of land and a residence inside a [[Territory]]. Owning a house in a territory makes that player a resident under the guidance of the local [[Governor]] and [[Consul]]s. Decorate houses with items crafted using the [[Furnishing]] skill. [[Trophies]] in houses provide passive bonuses. Expand settlement storage using [[Chests|Storage Chests]]. <ref>https://www.newworld.com/en-us/news/articles/making-your-mark-on-aternum-settlements-and-governance Making Your Mark on Aeternum - Settlements and Governance</ref>

==Territory Standing==
[[File:Settlement_4.jpg|thumb|House variety in a settlement]]
Players, with at least level 10 [[standing]] in the territory in which they wish to reside, can purchase housing. Standing increases by participating in town projects, crafting items in settlements inside the territory, killing creatures, and taking part in faction missions. Players may, with high enough standing, be able to purchase more than one home in a settlement. Players can have, at maximum, three houses.

==Housing Basics==
[[File:House_purchase_menu.jpg|thumb|Purchase menu for a house]]

*Along with a one time purchase cost, houses have a weekly [[#Property_Tax|Property Tax]]:
**Property tax is affected by [[Standing|territory standing]] and the company that governs that town.
**If your property tax goes unpaid, you immediately lose access to changing decorations, bonuses, and the ability to host others at your house.
*A player may physically acquire the same housing location as one or more other players, but they will only be able to see their own property and decorations unless they are visiting another player's house.<ref>https://www.newworld.com/en-us/news/articles/making-your-mark-on-aeternum-player-housing Making Your Mark on Aeternum - Player Housing</ref>
*The version of the house that is displayed to the public is determined by a [[#Decoration Score System|Decoration Score System]].
* House owners can host a party of up to five players at any one time in their home, using a group and a group entry option when entering the house.
*Houses can have certain in-game bonuses as:
**Recall option every 2 to 4 hours. This is determined by the value of the house and can be refreshed by using a small amount of [[azoth]].
** Extra [[#Storage Chests|Storage Chests]] can be placed in the house. These storage chests increase the settlement storage and give you access to the storage inside your house. The maximum amount of chests is determined by the value of the house (max. 4).
** Each house enables you to place 5 [[trophies]], which give you a global buff to specific professions, luck, or even combat bonuses. Each trophy type can be applied just once per house.

==Varieties of Housing==
[[File:House_menu.jpg|thumb|A House menu]]
Houses are spread throughout the Settlements and vary in size and style. Some are overlooking the centre of the town, others are by the Settlement walls; some houses have external space for decoration, and others are nestled tightly between two buildings. Houses can have one to three stories. You may enter a house to preview it before purchase.

There are four tiers of Housing:
{| class="fandom-table"
! Tier
! Cost
! Minimum Tax
! Fast Travel Cooldown
! Max # of Storage Chests
! Max # of Decoration Items
! Max # of Pets
! Max # of Lights
!Territory Standing Required
| 5,000
| 4 Hours
| 3 Hours
| 6
|2.5 Hours
| 3
|2 Hours
You will get a 50% discount for your first house purchase.

==Property Tax==
Property taxes are collected 7 days after your house purchase, and every 5 days afterwards. Simply put, paying your property tax gives you 3 bonuses for 5 days. 

# Fast travel to your home. 
# Global bonuses from the trophies placed in your home. 
# Ability to decorate your home and receive storage chest bonuses.

You will receive a notification and be given the option to pay your tax 24 hours before the due date. Once the payment is made, 5 days will be added onto your time remaining. If you decide not to pay the tax, you will be locked out of fast travelling to your home, you will no longer receive any trophy bonuses from that house, and you will no longer be able to decorate your home. This also includes your storage chest containers being disabled; however your settlement storage will continue to hold excess weight until you remove items. You will still be able to enter your home if you are on site. There are no back taxes, so you are free to pay the tax when you wish to receive its bonuses. At level 55, you may purchase up to 3 houses and each house will have its own property tax that you pay separately. 

The tax rate is configured at the town hall governor desk and can be adjusted by the governor of the settlement every 24 hours. Unclaimed settlements charge a default property tax rate of 10%. Governors can adjust the tax rate between 5% (low) and 20% (high). Property tax reductions are multiplicative and the amount of property tax you owe is based on the percentage amount of your property's principal value. Certain discounts can be applied to your property tax owed. See formula below. 

Tax Owed = Property_Value * Tax_Rate * (1.0 - Tax_Rate_Reduction) * (1.0 - Company_Discount) 

* Tax_Rate is configured by the governor (5% - 20%). 
* Tax_Rate_Reduction is earned by unlocking the property tax reduction cards from ranking up your standing with the settlement. 
* Company_Discount provides a 30% tax reduction if your company governs the settlement. 

Example property tax calculations for a Tier IV house (property value of 20,000).
{| class="fandom-table"
!Tax Rates
!No Discount
(Max Taxable Amount)
! 5% Settlement Tax Reduction
! 5% Settlement Tax Reduction
+ Company Discount
|5% Tax (Low)
| 1,000
| 950
|10% Tax (Moderate)
| 1,900
|20% Tax (High)
| 2,660
|}<br />

==== Note: First Time Buyer Tax Reduction Bug ====
Prior to version 1.0.3, the first house purchase user interface would show a weekly 50% property tax discount in addition to the 50% discount on your first house purchase. The developers have identified the error to be with the first house purchase user interface and not the actual weekly property tax calculation<ref>https://www.newworld.com/en-us/news/articles/server-transfer-details</ref>. Thus, your first home purchase does not include any tax discount benefits.

==Storage Chests==
You can upgrade the size of your storage in the settlement where your house is located by placing [[Chests]] in your house. There are multiple options for storage chests currently in the game. Four of which can be crafted through the [[Furnishing]] crafting skill.

For a list of all available Storage Chests see [[Chests#List_of_Chests]]

==Decoration Score System==
If multiple players are residents in a certain house, the one with the highest point score will be shown to the public. For example, furniture items on the porch will be shown to everyone passing by without them having to enter the house. The point score of all residing players can be inspected in the "Enter House Menu".
===Point Calculation===
By placing valuable furniture and decoration items, players can increase their ''Decoration Score'', which can be seen in the top right screen corner in ''Decoration Mode''. It is also important to note that placed decorations/furnitures shouldn't overlap each other, as this will result in a decrease of ''Decoration Score''.
This ''Decoration Score'' combined with the recent increase in Territory Standing that the player has achieved (for example through [[Town Projects]] missions) is the basis for the overall House Points. Meaning that you would need to continuously increase your local Territory Standing to stay at the top of the Points list and therefore have your house displayed to the public.

==Abandoning a House==
You can abandon a house through the "Pay Tax"-menu while in your house. Purchase cost and taxes will not be refunded. All throphies and furniture in the house will be moved to the town storage.

The following locations have housing available:

*[[Brightwood (settlement)]]
*[[Cutlass Keys (settlement)]]
*[[Ebonscale Reach (settlement)]]
*[[Everfall (settlement)]]
*[[First Light (settlement)]]
*[[Monarch's Bluff (settlement)]]
*[[Mourningdale (settlement)]]
*[[Reekwater (settlement)]]
*[[Restless Shore (settlement)]]
*[[Weaver's Fen (settlement)]]
*[[Windsward (settlement)]]

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