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2 years ago
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Well, I am not sure if you are 100% familiar with my conversation with oucho. As I explained to him, when I started fighting for the relics, I was taking 1 of yours and the Spirit Bog, which I took from another guild and I didn't know you were holding for a while and retaking every time, which makes it a total of 2 relics that I was taking but then you captured another one that I took from RIOT and it seemed to be personal on your end. When I had my conversation with oucho, he told me Spirit Bog is being held by you and he asked me if it is possible that I do not take so many of your relics because it is a huge impact for a big guild as yours. Then you have probably noticed that I started taking just 1 of your relics, which in my opinion is fair and we (even as a small guild) have the right to have a stamina gain relic. You have to consider that the stamina gain relics are all held by big guilds and no matter which one I start taking, they are not gonna like it but 1 relic being taken from you every now and then is still fair. Then during a daily quest, I 10stammed 15 people, one of which was oucho (didn't even pay attention) and then he bountied me over that hit and organized a guild member of yours to 100stam me during that bounty. I asked him what was that about (again considering that I am being fair towards your guild) and he didn't even care to explain himself. This is when I decided to strip ALL of your relics and I believe he organized everyone in that range to start 100stamming me occasionally. Tell me if I am wrong, but I believe I was fair all along and somebody else was kinda bitter, which started this little "war". Trust me, I do not care about the levels or relic bonuses, I am just trying to give my members some stamina gain per hour and have a little fun here at EOC. I never meant to go personal or target your guild.