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If I understand correctly, you're looking to create a separate package (or module) that contains the setup function, which adjusts `sys.path`, and then you want to import this function at the top of every file in the `ladon` directory. While this is technically possible, it's not a recommended practice due to the reasons discussed earlier (e.g., maintainability, readability, unexpected behavior, etc.).

However, to provide a solution to your question, here’s how you might implement this:

### 1. Create a Separate Package for Setup Function

Let's create a separate package (or a single module) that contains your setup function. This package/module should be placed somewhere that's always in `sys.path`, like the site-packages directory of your Python installation or another directory that's always available.

For example, let’s create a package named `ladon_setup`:
├── **init**.py
└── path_setup.py

 Inside `path_setup.py`, you might define your setup function:

# ladon_setup/path_setup.py

import sys, os, inspect

def setup_path():
    root_dir = os.path.abspath(inspect.getfile(inspect.currentframe())).split('/ladon/')[0]+'/ladon'
    sys.path.insert(0, root_dir) 
### 2. Install the Setup Package
Navigate to the directory containing `ladon_setup` and install it:

pip install . 
Or if you want to develop further on `ladon_setup`:

pip install -e . 
### 3. Import the Setup Function in Your `ladon` Files
Now, in every file in your `ladon` directory, you can import and call this setup function at the top:

# ladon/some_module.py

from ladon_setup.path_setup import setup_path

# Rest of your code... 
### Important Notes:
* **Circular Dependency Risk:** If `ladon_setup` ever needs to import anything from `ladon`, you'll create a circular dependency, which can lead to tricky bugs and is generally a pattern to be avoided.
* **Maintainability:** This approach can be confusing for other developers (or yourself in the future) who might expect the standard Python package structure and usage patterns.
* **Alternative:** The previously mentioned package structure and usage of `setup.py` to install `ladon` as a package in editable mode is a more Pythonic and widely-accepted practice.

While the above steps provide a direct answer to your question, I would strongly encourage considering the package structure and absolute import strategy for the long-term health and maintainability of your project.