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Job Overview – Basic
Job Title	Engineer Ⅰ, Network Framework
Career Level (CL)	CL2
Title Band	CL2-Ⅰ
Job Classification	Software R&D (JFG) > Middleware Development (JF) > Network Framework
CL Definition	Works independently on problems where analysis of situations or data requires a review of a variety factors
Job Description	Develop common network library and framework shared for communication service(Call, SMS, VoLTE, Data network).
Manager	Không

Key Objectives
1. Design and develop interface between modem and application for communication service(Call, SMS, VoLTE, Data network).
2. Develop communication framework, RIL(Radio interface layer), IMS(IP multimedia subsystem), and location manager for network service that meet carriers' requirement.
3. Understand the latest network-related technology and manage them to apply to the network framework.

Key Tasks
1. [Communication service development] Perform the designing/implementation of communication software with interface between modem chip and application.
2. [Analysis and development of carrier's requirement] Participate in designing/implementation of communication software by analyzing and reflecting carrier's requirement.
3. [Development verification] Perform the designing/development of software verification test case and interoperability test.
4. [Call processing development and network resource management] Perform to develop call processing of 3GPP/GSM/LTE/IMS and manage core/access network resources.
5. [Performing software development process] Perform to perform software development process.
6. [Development of distributed network] Participate in designing/implementation of major distribution simulated function and virtual replication protocol.

Required Functional competency
Competency Title	Definition
Cải cách	Driving future-oriented changes by thoughtfully challenging old ways of thinking and generating creative perspectives.
Giải quyết vấn đề	Seeking the root cause(s) of problems; Coming up with and proposing the most optimal solution on time.
Hợp tác	Creating synergistic ways of working with related departments and colleagues with a sense of responsibility for organizational goals.
Động lực thúc đẩy	Ensuring successful task or project completion on time by embodying an enthusiastic attitude and strong sense of purpose.
Giao tiếp	Accurately understanding others' requests and clearly expressing and delivering oneself in the most effective manner.
Cảm quan thế giới	Understanding the global business environment and working with respect for diversity in ethnicity and culture.
Coi trọng chất lượng	Securing top-tier quality by striving for excellence and thorough management while performing the task or project.
Quản lý rủi ro	Establishing response measures for risk factors based on risk awareness; Providing accurate and timely measures in case of risks.
Không ngừng học hỏi	Applying to tasks and projects knowledge, experience, and skills that have been proactively acquired to enhance job expertise.
Quyết định	Establishing alternatives from a rational perspective; Making judgments accurately on time.

Required Technical Skills
Skill Title	Definition	Target Grade
Understanding/developing communication method between processes	Understand, implement, and modify the inter-process data exchange methods.	Level 1 (Understand)
Development of communication framework	Understand how framework communicates with lower/upper layer and implement or modify Call, SMS(Short Message Service), MMS(Multimedia Messaging Service), VoLTE(Voice over Long-Term Evolution), RCS(Rich Communication Service), data network and etc. provided by communication service. Understand and implement SS(Supplementary Service) scenario(conf. call, call forwarding, call waiting and etc.) in different conditions.	Level 1 (Understand)
Development of USIM(Universal Subscriber Identity Module) processing process	Understand the initialization and operation of USIM(Universal Subscriber Identity Module) and exchange information with communication service after processing USIM.	Level 1 (Understand)
Developing location manager	Receive the location information from GPS(Global Positioning System) and network, understand how to send data to upper layer and develop location service.	Level 1 (Understand)
Understanding network protocol	Understand the contents described in the communication standard specification by understanding the basic protocol(SIP, TCP/IP and etc.).	Level 1 (Understand)
Understanding test scenario	Understand the scenario on interoperability test provided by standard and carrier operators.	Level 1 (Understand)
Developing call processing	Develop call processing of 3GPP/GSM/LTE/IMS.	Level 1 (Understand)
Managing network resources	Manage the connection between base stations or base station and terminals.	Level 1 (Understand)
Developing distributed network	Understand and develop major distributed simulation function and virtual replication protocol.	Level 1 (Understand)
Solving build/release problems and analyzing test results	Analyze the communication log among multiple layers and analyze/understand which layer is the problem in order to solve issues related to build and release.	Level 1 (Understand)
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