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6 months ago
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Hello, everyone! As a proud member of the Bangkit 2023 cohort, I want to share how I improved my communication skills within my capstone team. Even though I'm naturally shy, I discovered that two of the 7 C's of communication helped me express my ideas effectively.
The first C is Clear. It's crucial to communicate in a way that everyone can understand. I make sure to organize my thoughts beforehand and use simple language, avoiding complicated terms. This clarity helps me express my ideas and ensures that my teammates understand me.
The second C is Courteous. By embracing courteous communication, I create a positive and inclusive environment in my capstone team. I actively listen to others, respect their opinions, and provide constructive feedback. This approach encourages open dialogue and shows that everyone's ideas are valued.
Through clear and courteous communication, I overcame my shyness and became an active contributor to my capstone team. These principles helped me find my voice and share my ideas confidently, leading to better collaboration.
Before we finish, I have an exciting announcement. The registration for Bangkit 2023 Batch 2 is now open! Encourage your network to apply at g.co/bangkit