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Artlist Song Certificate
Creator Pro License Number - 8pD7Sr License owner - FilmS
This Song Certificate is granted by Artlist Ltd (hereinafter: "Artlist"), to: FilmS (hereinafter: the "Client") as of 23
Jun 2024, regarding the use of the song Aluminumcreated byRoie Shpigler (hereinafter: the "Song") by the
Artlist hereby grants the Client a non-exclusive, worldwide and perpetual license to integrate and synchronize
the Song including the sound recording rights and musical composition rights necessary for this use into an
audio-visual work (hereinafter: the "Project") and use the Song as part of the Project in accordance with Artlist's
Terms of Use and Creator Pro License.
The Creator Pro License allows the Client to commercially use and otherwise exploit the Song as part of the
Project, including to reproduce and perform the Song in public, as well as to allow others to do so, all as
detailed in the Creator Pro License.
Roie Shpigler
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