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<h4><span style="text-decoration: underline;">RIGEL E-Store Policy</span></h4>
 	<li><strong>1. Introduction</strong></li>
 	<li>1.1 Welcome to the RIGEL E-Store. Please read the following Terms of Service carefully before using RIGEL E-Store so that you are aware of your legal rights and obligations with respect to RIGEL and its affiliates and subsidiaries. These Store Policy govern your use of services provided by RIGEL</li>
 	<li>1.2 The providing of products by RIGEL includes an online platform service that provides a place and opportunity for the sale of goods between the buyer and RIGEL. The actual contract for sale is directly between Buyer and RIGEL. RIGEL reserves the right to remove any content or information posted on the RIGEL E-Store.</li>
 	<li>1.3 By submitting an order to RIGEL on the RIGEL E-Store, you are deemed to have read and accepted all of the terms and conditions in, and linked to these Store Policies.</li>
 	<li>1.4 The following terms &amp; conditions will apply to any order and/or purchase of RIGEL products you make from RIGEL E-Store. If you order and/or purchase any RIGEL’s Products, you will be deemed to have consented to the terms and conditions described in these Store Policies, as well as any other terms and conditions set out in any RIGEL Products listing, whenever you make a purchase from the RIGEL E-Store.</li>
 	<li>1.5 These Store Policies form a part of other policies issued by RIGEL. The Buyer is deemed to have read and agreed to all RIGEL Policies issued by RIGEL</li>
 	<li>1.6 All terms and condition described in these Store Policies are subject to change at RIGEL discretion pursuant to these Store Policies.</li>
 	<li><strong>2. Products &amp; Prices</strong></li>
 	<li>2.1 The contents of the RIGEL E-Store Policy may be changed, moved or deleted at any time. Please note that RIGEL have the rights to change the content of the RIGEL E-Store Policy without any notice.</li>
 	<li>2.2 Images in the RIGEL E-Store are for illustration purposes only. Please read the product description for an accurate products description and details of parts included with the products.</li>
 	<li>2.3 All products prices shown in the RIGEL E-Store are quoted in Malaysia Ringgit (RM). However, the products prices are not inclusive of Delivery Charge, which will be added to the total order price. RIGEL does not guarantee that the product &amp; service price in the RIGEL E-Store will be the same as in the in-store prices (and vice versa).</li>
 	<li>2.4 RIGEL has the right to adjust prices, products, product descriptions, services &amp; promotions at any time without notice.</li>
 	<li><strong>3. Placing An Order</strong></li>
 	<li>3.1 By placing an order in the RIGEL e-store, Buyer has agreed to provide an accurate and complete information about yourself as well as the payment details. We reserve the right to refuse or cancel the order at any time for any reason, including but not limited to insufficient or suspected fraudulent activity</li>
 	<li>3.2 Payment for the order must be made at the time of placing the order, we accept the payment method specified in the RIGEL E-Store.</li>
 	<li>3.3 In the event RIGEL is unable to accept the order, RIGEL will contact and/or notify the Buyer in writing or by telephone.</li>
 	<li>3.4 In the event RIGEL is unable to accept the order, this may be due to multiple reasons including but not limited to the RIGEL product being out of stock, the Buyer’s payment card was not authorized, unforeseeable limits on RIGEL resources, any errors on the price or description of the RIGEL products, and/or other RIGEL E-Store Policies have not been complied with.</li>
 	<li>3.5 In the event the RIGEL products ordered is out of stock, the Buyer has to await the shipment of the RIGEL products it being restocked.</li>
 	<li><strong>4. Change &amp; Cancellation Order</strong></li>
 	<li>4.1 Any changes and cancellation are not allowed once the order has been accepted and processed by RIGEL.</li>
 	<li><strong>5. Delivery</strong></li>
 	<li>5.1 Delivery charges will be indicated and/or displayed in the Checkout Cart unless the order qualifies for free shipping.</li>
 	<li>5.2 In the event of delivery of RIGEL products that are too large and/or heavy and/or bulky to be shipped by parcel, RIGEL may impose additional charges as necessary and the RIGEL products will be delivered curbside at the shipping address by a schedule’s appointment.</li>
 	<li>5.3 Upon the acceptance of the order in the RIGEL E-Store, the order will be delivered to the Buyer within three (3) working days (Monday to Fridays) from the date of acceptance of the order.</li>
 	<li>5.4 Upon the shipment of the order, RIGEL will notify to the buyer via email or telephone confirming that the order has been shipped.</li>
 	<li>5.5 In the event the RIGEL products ordered are backordered and/or no longer available, the Buyer is to notify RIGEL and upon notification, RIGEL will provide a new expected delivery date.</li>
 	<li>5.6 In the event of a delay that is unforeseen and/or outside of the control of RIGEL, RIGEL will notify the buyer and RIGEL will take necessary steps to minimize the effect of the delay.</li>
 	<li>5.7 RIGEL recommends that the Buyer does not engage a plumber to install the RIGEL products until the Buyer has received and inspected the RIGEL products.</li>
 	<li><strong>6. Warranty</strong></li>
 	<li>6.1 RIGEL shall provide one (1) year for all products against the manufacturing defect defects. The limited warranty applied only to the original purchase and that the products are properly installed and operated in accordance to the standard operating procedures.</li>
 	<li>6.2 The warranty does not apply to:
 	<li>Accelerated wear and tear under exposure to any harsh environment.</li>
 	<li>Normal wear &amp; tear for mechanical components, and normal deterioration in performance for electronics.</li>
 	<li>Misuse, negligence or accidence.</li>
 	<li>Public abuse and vandalism.</li>
 	<li>Installation, repair or alteration of products done without authorization or consultation from RIGEL.</li>
 	<li>Installation, repair or alternation works that do not comply with manufacturer’s installation instructions.</li>
 	<li>Installation, repair or alternation works that are done without using genuine spare parts supplied by RIGEL.</li>
 	<li><strong>7. How to contact RIGEL</strong></li>
 	<li>7.1 RIGEL is located at Wisma Rigel, No.16 &amp; 18, Jalan 3/33B, MWE Commercial Park, 6½ Miles, Jalan Kepong, 52000 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia with the operating business hours from 8.00AM to 5:00PM from Monday to Friday.</li>
 	<li>7.2 RIGEL is contactable by telephone at +603-62586016, or by email at <a href="tel:sales.my@rigel-group.com">sales.my@rigel-group.com</a> or by WhatsApp’s chat box on the RIGEL E-Store. In the event RIGEL is to contact the Buyer, RIGEL will do so by way of telephone, email or post to the details provided by the Buyer to RIGEL in the order.</li>
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