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Learning is a lifelong journey for every individual. In the technology era, where life is ever-changing, learning has become an essential requirement for anyone to keep up with the world. Alongside traditional learning classes, online learning is growing as another option. Both learning methods have similarities, but there are differences that make people prioritize one over the other.
To begin with, traditional and online classes share some common points. First of all, both forms of learning aim to help learners gain knowledge to the fullest. Additionally, students in both formats are provided with a wide range of lecturer notes, essential textbooks and materials. Finally, students, whether studying online or offline, are required to maintain self-motivation to keep making progress. 
On the other hand, there are differences between e-learning and attending an offline class. Face-to-face interaction is a benefit that offline students have, which online classes can not offer. In fact, attending the class in person helps students receive more personalized feedback from lecturers and peers, making studying more engaging to those who prefer interpersonal interaction. However, in terms of concentration, most people prefer online classes, as they can pay full attention to the lesson without being distracted by peers. Moreover, for those who prefer personalized progress, e-learning is a good choice. Rather than attending an offline class and becoming idle while others are still working, they can take an online course and learn at their own pace.

In conclusion, both traditional and virtual classes aim to help students gain knowledge, offer appropriate materials and require students’ motivation to make progress. Nonetheless, while offline classes offer better face to face interaction, e-learning can benefit students with higher concentration and personalized progress. Ultimately, it depends on the learner to keep on studying to improve themselves, hence, either form of learning is beneficial.