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ZenZ cars sell customized toy cars. They are top rated in customer satisfaction. When a kid enters the store he can just pick any car in display which has default features. The kid can list the features of the car, wait for a week and get the car delivered. Sometimes ZenZ cars hosts exhibition of elite cars that had been produced in the past. When a kid visits such exhibition, he can choose to buy similar kind of car in the display.

The students are expected to use appropriate constructors to create car objects

Note: The car objects has the following features

Engine Model - String

Mileage - float

Colour - String

Year - integer

The six elite cars(objects) must be created and must be used as per input number


Cars to be used in order are:

1921, Yellow, Mc07, 67.5
1922, Red, Mc01, 63.2
1925, Black, Mc03, 69.7

1929, Orange, Mc06, 70.5
1932, Maroon, Mc04, 37.2
1935, Grey, Mc09, 97.7


Input format

N no of cars to be created


Output format

Print the car features - year, color, engine model and mileage in next four lines