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February 2024

Week 1: February 1st - February 7th
Monday (1st):      Social Media Announcement: Teaser for upcoming single release.
Wednesday (3rd):   Instagram Live Session: Q&A session with fans about upcoming projects.
Friday (5th):       Single Release: New track drops on all streaming platforms.

Week 2: February 8th - February 14th
Tuesday (9th):      Behind-the-Scenes Video: Exclusive look at the making of the latest music video.
Thursday (11th):    Spotify Playlist Update: Twyce curates a playlist of his favorite tracks for fans.
Saturday (13th):    Instagram Story Takeover: Guest artist or collaborator shares snippets of their day with Twyce.

Week 3: February 15th - February 21st
Monday (17th):      Merchandise Launch: New line of merchandise announced and available for purchase on website.
Wednesday (19th):   Throwback Thursday (in advance): Twyce shares throwback photos and stories from early in his career.
Friday (21st):      Fan Art Showcase: Twyce highlights fan-created artwork inspired by his music.

Week 4: February 22nd - February 28th
Tuesday (25th):     Collaborative Livestream: Twyce collaborates with another artist for a live jam session or interview.
Thursday (27th):    YouTube Video Release: Music video for latest single premieres on YouTube.
Saturday (29th):    Instagram Live Concert: Twyce performs a live set for fans, taking requests and interacting throughout.
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