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Ms. Ananthidas generated the mark list for the class X-A1 in which she had mapped the name, roll number, date of birth of the students to the marks. 
Similarly she had generated the class X-B1 marksheet too. Get those Physics marks from the Ms. Ananthidas as input.  Use appropriate datastructure in C Programming to store the values. (Use functions concept)
i) Now generate a list of marks alone from that given values for X-A1 and for X-B1 separately and display the list (Pass the required data to the function and perform the operation). 
ii) She now wants to combine the rank lists together in the ascending order and have the consolidated list of marks of her students. Do not return the revised ascending ordered data from the function. Use appropriate concept for that. 
iii) She wants to know all the details of the students who have got below the class average mark under each section and also the first mark after combining the marks of two classes.

a) Display the class average of each class

b) Display the students details who have secured marks less than the class average under each class.

c) Display the student details who have secured top mark after combining the marks of both the classes

Note: If two students have got the same mark, then do the following to arrange in ascending order of the marks
- Check the date of birth of both the students and the one with higher age among the two will be given the top rank.

iv) Given a student register number, give all the details of the student along with the rank that he/she has obtianed after combining the marks of both the classes

Help her to do the same using your C program.