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1º Step: going to jerusalem
2º Step: waiting for jerusalem symdrome to hit pedro (pot falls on his head)
3º Step: make a miracle (Turn water to beer in a lake and revive a entire graveyard)
4º Step: become viral in social media (instagram profile with followers going up)
5º Step: new religion emerges, lots of people convert to Pedroism (News reporter style)
6º Step: pedro is killed and cruxificated and protests occur worldwide (More news reporter)
7º Step: some countries adopt pedroism and after some wars pedroism is the only religion in the world (maps + reporter)

Ending: Congratulations, you are now the mesias from one mayor religion

Ending(Source: me, I made it all up)

1º report: The rabbits in the countryside of Soria have changed their diets to more carbohydrates after the ate the hay from a crashed truck (Breaking news) Breaking news everybody, a man has been making miracles in Jerusalem, he is Pedro and he marks the start of a new religion, Pedroism, can we hear something about it Hank
Well not much is known right now but we hear that they
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