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Hello, Sorry for disturbing but I saw your post about free thumbnails, it is closed and locked, I just wanted to ask you if you can make logos for YouTube channels, If you can please inform me because I want someone to help me and I can tell you the details after.
I want to know what will you for example give me for free and what will you give me with payment, Also Could you please give me examples of thumbnails you made? I could need you to help me with thumbnails in the future.

I am going to make a YouTube channel about offering people knowledge of specific topics I have very good knowledge about which are "Science, History, Technology, World cultures" and I am going to connect these topics to entertaining topics to attract people's attention and I'm going to return complex topics to easy topics in a creative way. My YouTube channel is called 'Onex Infotainz', There's also my channel description (still modifying it): "Welcome to Onex Infotainz, where knowledge meets entertainment in the most captivating way! Join us on a thrilling journey through the realms of science, history, cultures, politics, and technology. Our mission is to make learning an unforgettable experience, as we unravel complex concepts with simplicity and infuse them with humor and entertainment. From mind-blowing scientific discoveries to untold stories from the past, we're here to spark your curiosity and expand your understanding of the world. Get ready to be informed, entertained, and inspired. So, hit that subscribe button and join our community of curious minds seeking knowledge and laughter!". And btw i can tell you why my channel is called by that name.

Would you have some specific colors that you want to include ?

Well, I want the colors to be light and catchy including specific colors like Blue, yellow, green and white, I want the logo to look entertaining but the most important not childish.
Do you have some Youtubers that inspires you? If you could give me 3 links that would be awesome.

There are: TED-Ed, Vsauce, the Infographics Show, Kurzgesagt. I'm not going to use animation btw I'm going to appear in the videos. I just like there theme generally.

Deadline: I won't bother you at least after tomorrow, I just need them as fast as possible.

I want the logos of the five topics to appear: Science, History, World Cultures, Technology, Politics ( I want a logo for it like a Globe you know )
Your channel name, "Onex Infotainz" what means ? Why is called like that ?

I'm really sorry for late reply but let's start with 'Onex', Onex is a combination of two words Nexus which means connection since I connect the topics I talk about with each other and with entertaining topics and O is the first Letter of my name, Infotainz is a combination between Information and Entertainment creating a word like edutainment (A combination of education and entertainment) that presents my way of offering knowledge and adding the 'z' to make it catchy.