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[2022-11-22 16:26] *[user]Anal Fantasia[/user] The days went by and Saturday came up eventually. Taylor had made a list of things he should remember to bring along - from a goodie bag for Jessie, some clothes, a couple of interesting in-house things to make ASMR with, some boxers if he wanted to try her bubble bath among other less important things. It was meant for a cozy evening with them showing a bit of 'care' for each other.
She had prepared plenty of snacks and drink (even soft alcohol if he dared) and her classic test setup for various of videos around her house.
[2022-11-22 16:27] [user]Anal Fantasia[/user]: (going to drive now.. I'll stay connected, hopefully)
[2022-11-22 16:31] *[user]Ashen Fair[/user] had been waiting for this the whole week!
He made sure to bring a backpack with extra clothes, his pajamas and boxers for the bath. He also brought along some delicious brownies that his mother had baked for the occasion.
He finally arrives to her apartment once more, and rings the bell.
[2022-11-22 16:52] *[user]Anal Fantasia[/user] His [url=https://fapello.com/content/a/s/asmr-darling/1000/asmr-darling_0014.jpg]Darling[/url] opened the door, already dressed up for the weekend in her own PJ and fluffy shoes. "Hey again Ashen, so nice to see you again!" She went in for the same hug as last time - but today, due to the more relaxed nature of the event, her bra and thong had a more noticeable outline than last time. Otherwise, she looked as beautiful as he remembered her.
[2022-11-22 16:55] *[user]Ashen Fair[/user] returns the hug, his head once again pressing softly against those ample breasts...
He's also dressed more comfortably this time, with a simple white t-shirt and shorts. "Hey Taylor! Ready to record~?"
[2022-11-22 17:05] *[user]Anal Fantasia[/user] "Ready when you are! - I have some equipment ready at the sofa, my bed, on some blankets in my studio.. I could move some of it to the bathroom too, if wanted.. so it's more like what you like to do and where?" She asked and took care of his things and placed them in the studio and the brownies in the fridge.
[2022-11-22 17:10] *[user]Ashen Fair[/user] smiles. "Let's just go somewhere comfy... the sofa will do."
They go to the living room and get comfortable on the sofa, ready to record. "I find that it's much easier to reach a relaxing tone of voice when you are soft and warm... affection helps too~" He adds teasingly, reaching up to kiss her cheek
[2022-11-22 17:21] *[user]Anal Fantasia[/user] "Hey hey, Ashen.. don't get too comfortable giving kisses to girls outside of your age group.. we ain't here for kissing~" she chuckled and sat down to cross her legs and asked him to do the same in front of her, with his back against her.
"So, i was thinking some down to earth, monkey fur play, with some aura polishing, soft voices and a relaxed atmosphere, so you get that sense of falling asleep. What do you thing of that?"
[2022-11-22 17:24] *[user]Ashen Fair[/user] pouts, but decides to play along for now. "Aww, okay... That sounds pretty good, actually~"
He gets comfortable and they soon get started. There's only one microphone on this room, so they have to share, causing their lips to come pretty close to touching every time they whisper sweet little words into it
[2022-11-22 17:37] *[user]Anal Fantasia[/user] It all started with a bit of hair scratching and light pulling, much like a mother would do to make her child fall asleep. [sub]"Just take some deep breathes and relax.. falling asleep is totally an option.."[/sub] she whispered, as his head rested above her bust and his neck slightly in between them.
[2022-11-22 17:40] *[user]Ashen Fair[/user] can't help but melt with that motherly affection, murring as he nuzzles to her chest, feeling her hand brush his hair to the mic.
[sub]"Feels so warm... so safe... so soft..."[/sub] He responds, his arms wrapping around her in a sweet embrace.
[2022-11-22 17:54] *[user]Anal Fantasia[/user] [sub]"Want lie down a little while I continue a bit with your face~?"[/sub] she whispered into his ear and continued her monkey pampering.
[2022-11-22 17:58] [user]Ashen Fair[/user]: [sub]"Mmmmr... only if you stay close to me..."[/sub] He whispers, a wide blissful smile on his face as he's pampered by his crush.
[2022-11-22 18:05] *[user]Anal Fantasia[/user] "Of course..." She spoke in calm but clearer voice, as she started to 'push' away the negative energies from the top of his head, down to his shoulders.. then close, down his sides till she got to his inner thighs - with a very light grip on them, she motioned it out to his knees and used them as a springboard to get the energy out. She did this numerous times, unconcerned that her hands got very close to his crotch, putting no thoughts behind these motioning hands.
[2022-11-22 18:08] *[user]Ashen Fair[/user] lies down as she asked, and lets her caress all over his body...
He tries to hide his pleasure at first, but it soon becomes clear it won't be that easy... as a bulge starts to form inside the little boy's pants every time her hands get close to his crotch~
[2022-11-22 18:38] *[user]Anal Fantasia[/user] She continued unaffected and hadn't noticed his growing, new boner that grew in his pants. "Are you enjoying it here? Are you relaxed?" She asked, as she started to cross her hands across his crotch and bumped against his boner - but it didn't stop her at all.