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Here is the translated email:


Hanoi, June 18, 2024

Dear Group Leader Đỗ Đức Dũng, Part Leader Trịnh Tiến Đạt
Dear TMP Leader Đỗ Thị Khánh Vân

My name is: 
Position: Employee

I am sending this email as an official notification of my decision/intention to resign from my position as a Business Analyst at SRV company.
According to the company's regulations, my last working day will be July 25, 2024.
I regret that I cannot continue my journey with SRV in the coming time.

// Reason for leaving
After nearly a year of working at SRV, I have accumulated many valuable professional skills. However, this is the time when I want to change my working environment to gain more experience, enhance my knowledge, and find my true passion.
I have thought carefully and decided that I need to seek a new direction for myself to expand my capabilities in other fields.

// Expression of gratitude
I am very grateful for the support and opportunities provided by the company during the past time.
In particular, I would like to thank Mr. Dũng and Mr. Đạt for trusting me and giving me the opportunity to work, affirm my abilities, and develop myself.
Thank you, Mr. Đạt, for sharing your valuable experiences and extensive knowledge, which has inspired me in the Business Analyst profession.
Thank you to Ms. Mai, BA Leader, for always patiently supporting me throughout my work.


// Conclusion
I hope you will consider and approve my request for resignation. Currently, I am participating in the AI Hub project. I will try to complete the remaining tasks,
package the work done and hand over the work smoothly before my departure.

I wish the Company continued growth and success. Sincerely Thank You!


Please fill in your name and department where indicated and adjust any personal details as necessary.
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