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Echelon Philadelphia Fire Watch Professional Services

An effective security guard not only acts as a deterrent, but understands how to respond appropriately when a problem arises. Confronting security challenges and solving problems requires experience, training, and the ability to use common sense and think on your feet, so that potentially harmful situations can be responded to and resolved before they grow out of control. This holds true whether your security guards are protecting merchandise from the loading dock to the retail floor, patrolling a parking area after hours, or offering on-site security within a corporate environment.

Contact Information:

Google +: https://www.google.com/maps?cid=8395212211349152232

Website: https://www.epsagents.com/private-investigator-philadelphia-pa/

Phone #: (610) 831-0277

Address: 1617 John F Kennedy Blvd #1575, Philadelphia, PA 19103