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[19:35:07 INFO]: Domzzo issued server command: /vote
[19:35:08 INFO]: [VotingPlugin] Debug: Giving directlydefined reward VoteReminding.Rewards, Options: Online: true, OnlineSet: true, GiveOffline: false, ForceOffline: false, CheckTimed: true, IgnoreChance: false, IgnoreRequirements: false, Placeholders: sitesavailable%pair%8%entry%Date%pair%Fri, 25 Aug 2023 19:35, Prefix: , Suffix:  to Domzzo/84488b2f-09fe-46e4-9570-21a1c3449a03
[19:35:08 INFO]: [VotingPlugin] Debug: VoteReminding_Rewards: Passed requirements, attempting to give to Domzzo/84488b2f-09fe-46e4-9570-21a1c3449a03
[19:35:08 INFO]: [VotingPlugin] Debug: Gave Domzzo reward VoteReminding_Rewards
[19:35:08 INFO]: [VotingPlugin] Debug: Schedule changes
[19:35:08 INFO]: [VotingPlugin] Debug: Domzzo was reminded!
[19:35:09 INFO]: [BuycraftAPI] Successfully loaded payments
[19:35:28 INFO]:  Domzzo: Just finishing some stuff and then I am headed to bed
[19:35:31 INFO]:  Domzzo: Hope alls good
[19:35:36 INFO]: [VotingPlugin] Debug: pluginmessaging voteupdate received for 86e8f619-21e2-384a-97b6-1ca2a5ad1fd5