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21 days ago
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local midPoint = (startPoint + endPoint)/2 -- Get the midpoint position
local dir = (endPoint - startPoint).Unit -- Get the direction vector(to - from)
local cf = CFrame.lookAt(midPoint,midPoint + dir) -- Get the CFrame that looks at that direction vector and is centered at midpoint
local range = 20 -- range in studs
local RNG = Random.new()

	CFrame.rightVector describes the vector that points to the right of a CFrame
	So the left most point we can have is midPoint - CFrame.rightVector * range
	And the right most point we can have is the opposite
	Lerp lerps a vector from a to b based on an alpha(0-1)
	So we then lerp from the left to right most by a random value between 0 and 1, to find a random position between the left and right most points
local randomPoint = (midPoint - cf.rightVector * range):Lerp(midPoint + cf.rightVector * range,RNG:NextNumber())