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2 years ago
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#first we need to ad variables


#now we need to type password

#input option wiill give you an option to add answer (print will dont do that)

typedpassword=input("type password:  ")

#so now we want that program will check if this password is true or not so we type:
#== mean like if 12 is the same as 21

#now we cant do that. beacuse our typed password is no a variable, so we need to add input to variable
#see? there nothing happen beacause we need to add the passsword==typed password in print function
#now its showing its false, beacuse sdafsff is not the same as susamongus
#now it shows true
#now we need to add fuction to do our rickroll machine work so we need to type if and command password==typed password like that
#we need to import web browser as a function to work
#BLE SORRY WE NEED TO TYPE ! EXCEPT = thats mean, if RÓŻNICA XDD then do that what i typed
if typedpassword!=password:
    import webbrowser'')

if typedpassword==password:
    print("congratulations. u dont get rickrolled this time")

#and now we only can type (you dont must do that)
input("press enter or anything elese")

#ty for watching