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Skill gap analysis 
It has been more than 3 years since i started photography. I possess a strong foundation of photography skill. But when i conducted a proper skill gap analysis to reflect on my skills, i got to know about the additional study about what more i should  do to achieve proficiency in perfect lighting, framing and composition in my photographs  and also  be able to capture the images that people will like and relate to. Moreover, the analysis helped me to get to a realization about how i need to  approach different editing softwares. In addition to it, i also found my lacking on  communication, writing and marketing skills to reach more audiences.

Based on the analysis above,I firstly listed the necessary and sufficient resources required to sharpen up my skill and listed them down on the basis of their importance in this respective process of skill development in order to achieve my dream of being a professional photographer. After figuring out the required steps to achieve my profound goal of photography, i started practicing different themes and genres of photography every day.I also tried to recreate challenging photographs by taking references from expert photographers out there. Despite of my busy routine  due to academic challenges, I scheduled time for also learning editing software, needed to make myself better in the respective field. Moreover, In order to improve my communication skill, which is one of the essential skill to deal with clients, I went out for street photography more often  and increased my interaction with people.

Designing a Learning Experience in Groups:

With the knowledge i have about photography,  i designed a group based learning activity and practical assignment that will allow participants to learn effectively. I organised a workshop for it...

To create a well structured workshop that will provide a proper group learning and optimum understanding of the respective topics, i created appropriate list of topic that are required from the basic of photography, gathered all the required presentations, videos and other resources. In addition to it, i created a assignment where each participant has to click 5 photos using their mobile phone, Then a participant will provide feedback to each others photo based on their learning. I also encouraged them to try some editing software and colour grade those photos. 
By the completion of the workshop and the group activities, i got to know how the participants were excited and fully immersed in the learning process. They shared each others progress, provided feedback to each other, and showed their willingness to learn and grow together. The group activity showed how the group learning increases the collaborative learning approach. 

Feedback on the Class/Students Experience:
After the class activities, i conducted a survey to collect the feedback of the participants, which turned out to be positive for me. The  feedback from the students indicated that they were truly engaged on the activities and were interested to learn more about photography. The questions asked during the workshop, the assignment submitted by them and their interests to know about what improvements they have to do to improve the skills indicates the effectiveness of the activities. 

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