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Hello everyone!
(contact: gentlemanbtc@gmail.com) just in case questions about marketing, crypto or game ;)
Within these pages, you'll find invaluable insights, from basic principles to advanced topics, designed to sharpen your skills and bolster your chances of success. From optimizing resource to pro tips - enjoy and nice lecture
Let’s start from login check - in:
Of course, every red dot belongs to you, especially the bottom left corner and the top right corner.
But let's move on to a little daily checklist:
1. Gather resources + truck
2. Make donations (Alliance -> Alliance Tech)
3. Collect radar (Except for the moments when we'll have duels (VS) with other clans
- you will be informed a day in advance not to collect tasks from the radar on that
day because they will be needed for points on the next day)
4. Make an Event Wanted (e.g., Butcher or Bulldog) (Events -> Wanted tab) (it gives a
lot of resources).
5. Pay attention to the timing of Arms Race (Events -> Arms Race -> Calendar (on the
left). On every four hours, you can open additional chests for other actions you take, such as unpacking buildings, conducting research and producing units (in this case, production, not collection!). And of course, in every case, for using Speed Up in a given category + payments.
Drone Boost (not only Drone upgrade but also attacks (like Doom Elite - 2k points each, so think about using Stamina at that point of the day) (if You need resources earlier than You can of course attack them anytime)
6. Trade Trucks:
a. try to send UR and SSR types only until you have enough refreshes
b. personally I'm not even touching truck without at least 1 UR shard (gold
puzzle) because it's best place to gather them
c. People mainly focus on UR (gold) trucks or don’t know what to look for and
click on everything randomly. However, both SSR (purple) and UR trucks
can contain shards.
d. If a given truck has, for example, 2 shards and none are received after the
first attack, I attack it again, as there is a higher probability of getting at least one shard.

 Pr0 Elite Ultra Hyper Tips and Insights (I should give more epithets I quess... )
1. Upgrade only one of the required buildings, e.g., Drill Ground, Hospital, Barracks and leave the others at a lower level - you will upgrade them as they seem "cheap" to upgrade or needed (like more space for troops on Drill etc)
a. regarding the barracks - try to have them at the highest possible level i.e., Head Quarter, especially at levels where they provide higher-level units (10, 14, 17, 20, etc.)
2. Strive to have the highest possible level of Head Quarter (below, I'll paste a graphic with the required buildings for the next levels so you can prepare in the meantime while building the HQ to the next level).
3. Gather diamonds primarily for VIP (10,000 needed for a 30-day subscription - others aren't worthwhile), but you'll see that it was worth it for the daily rewards and accelerations it provides
4. Gear Factory (aim to level up to reach Level 10 as it allows you to craft Legendary equipment). Additionally, consider dismantling every gear (even Epic) to obtain Legendary Gear.
5. Level Tied Chests - every player will need resources from other commanders, tasks or level tied chests eventually. You want to use the level tied chests as a last resort. The level-tied chests increase a lot with your headquarters level, which means they provide far better resources if used later rather than sooner. Of course, players should not hoard them the entire game, but exhaust every resource before touching the level-tied chests.
1. The best source of resources when using stamina, aside from attacking other castles/commanders, is attacking Doom Elite. Unlike regular zombies, they provide much more resources and Drone battle data (needed for drone development).
2. Additionally, you can participate in rallies of other players (remember that the limit for Doom Elite and Vanguards is 20 attacks per day).
3. Important! This limit does not apply to golden zombies that appear during battles in Duel vs, where you can attack an unlimited number of times and collect vast amounts of gold. In such cases, it is best to attack level 5, which is equivalent to or slightly weaker than Doom Walker level 100.
1. How to Conduct a Proper Attack (Avoid Attacking Top 10 Alliance Members):
a. Scout other commanders - preferably those without an alliance or with a low alliance ranking (below 15-20) (resources).
b. Approach the opponent's nearest mine (This will allow your troops to march 50% faster and will not alert the player until you redirect your troops)
c. Attack from the mine or while en route.
1. Train only the main squad (Murphy, Kimberly, Mason, Violet, Monica) in that order, as Murphy and Kim will stay with you for the long term (it also mean not wasting exp on other than the first squad (especially at the beginning)

 2. Remember to always have Murphy and Violet in the front (at the beginning until you find a worthy replacement for her). Thanks to their high HP, they act as a protective shield for the rest of the squad.
3. Gain Exp starting with the main characters and then move on to the others - not everyone needs to be at the same level. Sometimes it’s helpful to raise the level of certain characters to an round number, like 70, to be able to Deploy to a larger number of tasks at once in Secret Tasks.
Troops / Units:
1. Production:
The barracks at lower levels are only used for producing soldiers. The barracks at the highest level (similar to HQ) are solely for upgrading units - instead of clicking "Train", click the green arrow above the "Train" button, saving a lot of time and resources.
2. Healing: How to heal large numbers of soldiers in the hospital?
It may happen that you get attacked or your units take heavy damage during your attack. Instead of healing, for eg., 700-1000 soldiers at once and waiting 8 hours for their recovery, divide the healing into smaller batches, for example, 60-90 soldiers each, and click on the request for help from our members for each batch - this way, you will heal all soldiers in just a few moments :)
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