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2 years ago
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ex2 = '''
1.d) One of the students attending the course, Tim Berners Lee, thinks he knows enough about the materials taught 
in the course, so he will take a break and go for a vacation on 12/11/21 for 2 weeks. 
Right after that, when he gets back he will attend again the lectures starting from the first available one 
according to the schedule until the end of the course. Write down a portion of code that prints the titles 
of the lectures that Tim Berners Lee will attend at the end of the course.
Hint: take a look at the datetime library'''

l_schedule_extended = [(2,"11/10/21","09:30-11:30","Introduction to the course"),
                       (2,"13/10/21","09:30-11:30","Introduction to Computational Thinking"),
                       (2,"22/10/21","12:30-14:30","Programming languages"),
                       (2,"25/10/21","09:30-11:30","Organising information: ordered structures"),
                       (2,"29/10/21","12:30-14:30","Brute-force algorithms"),
                       (2,"10/11/21","09:30-11:30","Organising information: unordered structures"),
                       (2,"24/11/21","09:30-11:30","Divide and conquer algorithms"),
                       (2,"01/12/21","09:30-11:30","Dynamic programming algorithms"),
                       (2,"06/12/21","09:30-11:30","Organising information: trees"),
                       (2,"13/12/21","09:30-11:30","Backtracking algorithms"),
                       (2,"15/12/21","09:30-11:30","Organising information: graphs"),
                       (2,"20/12/21","09:30-11:30","Greedy algorithms")]