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2 years ago
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Front-End improvements:
- Integrate the CL v5 in all application (very high priority)
- Go through all the application, migrate all local sharable components to the component library.
- Fix all hardcoded styles in each of the applications, adapting to the new theme system.
- Improve the speed of the pipeline, allow them to be ran in parallel when possible. Have some kind of debug mode so we can fix issues on them without having to wait enourmous spans of time to get feedback on our changes to the pipeline.
- Log current release version in the browser for debugging purposes.
- Upgrading library dependencies accross all applications
- Internationalization
- Simplify docker images (we are building the app 4 time, one for each env).
- Use the same scroll bars on every application.
- With new Octopus deployment, a new release tag is created each time we merge to master, we should update package.json to reflect this version update. Check how we can automate this.
- Fix vulnerability identified by npm audit and other tools.
- DH Sphere UI template project (low priority)
- Integrate ApplicationManager into the each app.
- Continue to add features to our debug settings pannel (which we can open with a button on the bottom-right corner).
- Generalize and centralize webpack settings.
- Generalize and centralize testing utilities (e.g. commands and functions)
- Replace async actions to react query for caching.
- Generalize and centralize the server folder.
- Generalize the setting files that we have on the root of each Client project in dh Sphere.