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[('SPL PREMIUM',), ('ISOLATION ROOM (LTICU)',), ('sl no',), ('NIGHT VISIT',), ('1st class',), ('Double Room',), ('Paed Care Unit',), ('Super deluxe',), ('Seva beds (economy)',), ('NEO NATAL ICU',), ('GENERAL WARD (OLD BLOCK ICU)',), ('DLX. SHARING',), ('CCA',), ('SHARED WARD',), ('Total',), ('E-VIP',), ('JCI-MULTI',), ('ISOLATION HDU',), ('SINGLE ROOM (1 Bedded)',), ('General Ward A/C',), ('sicu',), ('Deluxe A/C (DB)',), ('WARDS',), ('All Category Rooms per day Charge',), ('Triple sharing',), ('Rates',), ('A/c Multi Bed Unit',), ('4 Bed',), ('GENERAL WARDS ALL BLOCKS',), ('Single A.C room ',), ('MHSGEN',), ('A CLASS',), ('pvt.opd',), ('remarks.1',), ('ISOLATION-ICU/MICU',), ('Double Bed Baby Care',), ('SICU',), ('classic deluxe',), ('Twin AC',), ('popd',), ('Single Bed',), ('SemiPvt',), ('SelfPay',), ('PVT DX',), ('Spl. Non A/C.',), ('PVT.OPD',), ('Semi Pvt A/C,Non A/C.',), ('All Category Rooms',), ('JCI-TWIN',), ('Casualty Bed',), ('Seme Pvt',), ('ICCU (Rs.)',), ('UDlx',), ('LDR Charges',), ('Day care',), ('SAC',), ('sharing',), ('Private\nSingle AC',), ('Single Room Non-AC',), ('ST',), ('LUXURY',), ('Private Room A/c',), ('PICU Level 3',), ('Endoscopy',), ('EXECUTIVE SINGLE',), ('Special Economy (Four Bedded)',), ('HOURS',), ('NON-AC SINGLE',), ('Semi Private Ward',), ('cat-3',), ('Casualty',), ('EXE. SUIT',), ('SUP. DLX.',), ('SHARING ROOM',), ('Double Bed AC',), ('MEA',), ('Special Economy',), ('BMT',), ('Cribs (Rs.)',), ('Semi Private Room A/C',), ('Economy General',), ('multi sharing',), ('Ssp',), ('Cat‐1B Suite',), ('P.Suite',), ('Package C',), ('SUITE (Rs.)',), ('NORMAL SINGLE ROOM',), ('ICU - Others',), ('NICU LEVEL -1',), ('GOLD BED (2 IN 1 ROOM) A/C',), ('LABOUR ROOM.1',), ('Four Bed',), ('Private A/C,Non A/C..1',), ('PER WEEK',), ('Spl-A',), ('Cat-1',), ('Delux Room',), ('PICU',), ('STEP DOWN (BICU)',), ('ISOLATION ICU',), ('OPD- Co',), ('TWIN',), ('Twin Sharing AC',), ('MULTI-SHARING',), ('TWIN BED',), ('Twin Sharing Non AC',), ('GW/\nMulti bed',), ('Gen',), ('ISOLATION BED',), ('cat‐1b suite',), ('CCU',), ('Emergency B',), ('gen.ward',), ('Paediatric HDU',), ('Multi Sharing',), ('Privilege silver( semi deluxe Non Ac/AC)',), ('General Ward.1',), ('SEMI SUITE',), ('ISOLATION WARD (TWIN SHARE) BED NO 252701 AND 252702',), ('Consultant Charges/Visit (Amount in Rs.)',), ('Pvt.OPD',), ('(2nd visit)',), ('HDU',), ('Semi Special Room A/c.',), ('Tariff2',), ('Pvt room AC',), ('HC',), ('Semi Private AC (3 Bedded)',), ('Deluxe (Single Room)',), ('RECLINER',), ('(1st visit)',), ('GEN WARD',), ('Private B',), ('PICU Level 2',), ('Special Classic',), ('Semi Pvt Non-AC',), ('opd',), ('TRAIGE AREA',), ('Twin (TW)',), ('DIAMOND BED - A (1 in 1 ROOM) A/C',), ('Two Sharing',), ('multi',), ('MHWSR',), ('SINGLE ROOM AC',), ('SDA',), ('OP CHARGES ',), ('Deluxe Classic',), ('OTC StandardPrice',), ('GEN',), ('Spl',), ('OP PRICE',), ('PRIVATE DELUXE',), ('hdu',), ('Price',), (' NMD',), ('SINGLE NON -AC',), ('NICU Level 3',), ('Tariff1',), ('Room Tariff (Amount in Rs.)',), ('Emergency Observation  - less than 6 hours',), ('Single DLX',), ('TRIPLE BEDDED WARD',), ('PRESIDENT IAL SUITE',), ('Private A',), (' SUITE',), ('DELUXE SUITE',), ('JUNIOR SUITE.1',), ('general ward',), ('SEMI PRIVATE ROOMS B A/C',), ('General Ward',), ('MSBSIG',), ('PVT ROOM',), ('Director',), ('twin sharing',), ('AC Economy Babycare',), ('Private',), ('Premium/ Suite',), ('Emergency ward',), ('PVT- AC',), ('Private ',), ('NURSING',), ('TWIN SHARING DELUXE',), ('Twin Sharing Ac',), ('Emergency Observation - more than 12 hours',), ('Sharing',), ('double',), ('AOI Jammu ICU TarIff',), ('TDX',), ('TWIN DELUXE',), ('Unnamed: 0',), ('S I C U',), ('Private Ward',), ('economy ',), ('FOUR SHARING',), ('Twin sharing AC',), ('SEMI DELUXE ROOM (3 bedded)',), ('GENERAL',), ('Prince Suite',), ('Amount',), ('Supportive-Day care',), ('cat‐1d nh',), ('SIGNATURE P.SUITE 2020 ',), ('Semi Special Non-Ac',), ('ALOS',), ('Consultations Charges Per Visits',), ('MHSSSP',), ('Two bed ',), ('Pres. Suite',), ('Semi Pvt. Double',), ('SEMI PVT. ROOM',), ('OP Investigation',), ('PAN INDIA LOCATIONS',), ('Unnamed: 35',), ('Eco/ Critical Care',), ('DOUBLE BED',), ('CARDIAC CARE UNIT',), ('Lens Charges',), ('Suite AC',), ('Tarifff',), ('tariff',), ('AC Ward',), ('Critical Care',), ('PICU-HDU',), ('PVT NON AC',), ('SP',), ('premier ward',), ('Single Room Air Colled',), ('Pvt ',), ('P Suite',), ('Gen ward',), ('MAHARAJA SUITE',), ('3-Second Class',), ('so',), ('CLASSIC DELUXE',), ('Executive Suite AC\n',), ('TW AC',), ('Executive Suite',), ('Single Non AC Single Non AC',), ('SPECIAL NON AC',), ('CTVS',), ('New Delux Single AC',), ('Rate',), ('Deluxe Classic ICU',), ('(2 visits / day)',), ('Paediatric Ward',), ('Semi-Private',), ('Deluxe A/ C',), ('Single A/C Room',), ('SUITE.1',), ('A Class Single',), ('ECONOMY WARD A A/C',), ('CRITICAL CARE AREAS',), ('NICU L-1',), ('SIX BEDDED',), ('MICU',), ('DAY CARE ',), ('MICU-ISO',), ('SINGLE ROOM RENT',), ('SHDU',), ('Pvt.',), ('ECONOMY WARD A/C',), ('Single Dlx',), ('DELUXE ',), ('Semi Pvt',), ('Semi Pvt Ward',), ('Single Room/Deluxe Room',), ('EMERGENCY',), ('Special Non- AC',), ('SINGLE/ ICU/ER',), ('Ventilator Charges',), ('Gen.OPD',), ('Twin',), ('V.I.P. Room',), ('Single A.C',), ('VIP SUITE',), ('ROYAL SUITE',), ('NSICU',), ('TWIN SHARING ROOM',), ('Multibed',), (' Tariff',), ('General Ward Non AC',), ('Single AC Room',), ('MAY 2016- SINGLE',), ('cat‐1c ',), (' Labour Room',), ('cabin',), (' nicu',), ('deluxe premium Ward',), ('ICCU ',), ('Cat-3',), ('ROSE WOOD',), ('cat‐1d single bed',), ('Private C',), ('Suite (SH)',), ('Twin Sharing non AC',), ('NEURO ICU',), ('cat‐3\n 4 beddded',), ('icu',), ('LOS (ICU+Ward)',), ('ICU/ITU/CCU',), ('Executive classic ICU',), ('SEMI / 3 SHARING',), ('Short Stay',), ('PVT AC',), ('Linen',), ('VIP suite',), ('SUPER DELUXE ROOM',), ('Class B',), ('WARD 3/4 PATIENTS',), ('Semi pvt ',), ('2nd CLASS',), ('Emergency A',), ('TRIPLE ROOM',), ('Private Room AC',), ('Special Multi Bed',), ('Onco day Care',), ('S.DLX',), ('Unnamed: 38',), ('LABOUR WARD',), ('PRIVATE DELUXE A/C',), ('CCU ',), ('OP',), ('MSBICU',), ('B Blk OPD',), ('EMARLD / DELUXE (SINGLE PVT)',), ('Sharing Room Dlx',), ('PVT. Rs.',), ('ISOLATION COVID19 ICU WITH VENTILATOR',), ('PRIVATE ROOM A/C',), ('SEMI PRIVATE ROOM (2 bedded)',), ('C Class General',), ('B- Twinbed',), (' Sharing - Pvt.',), ('Semi Non-AC',), ('TARIFF',), ('Single private',), ('IP investigation',), ('SI',), ('CASUALITY/RECOVERY/STEPDOWN ICU',), ('AC Semi Special ',), ('General Ward Economy',), ('SEMI SPL',), ('SUITE ',), ('semi pvt',), ('PRESIDENTIAL SUITE ',), ('Private / HDU/ICU',), ('Suite room ',), ('Tripal Sharing',), ('Spl. AC',), ('ISOLATION-TWIN SHARING',), ('TWIN ROOM SUITE',), ('CLASS A',), ('Semi Pvt (AC)',), ('NICU FAMILY CENTRIC ROOM',), ('Crib(EW)',), (' ICU Cabin',), ('ISOLATION-DELUXE',), (' private',), ('DELUX',), ('Thalassemia',), ('PR01',), ('Double',), ('single',), ('STEP DOWN',), ('PICU-ISO',), ('DAYCARE',), ('PMS',), ('Economy ward',), ('PICU- ALL LEVEL',), ('FIRST FLOOR WARD *',), ('Cubicles',), ('Casuality',), ('SUIT',), ('I C C U',), ('Gen IP',), ('JUNIOR SUITE',), ('drugs & consumables (approx)',), ('ICU Dlx',), ('HDU B - In Ward',), ('PRIVATE / ICU',), ('cat‐4 bed',), ('MAY 2016- TWIN',), ('WARD 5 SHARING',), ('day care',), ('SIGNATURE P. SUITE 2019',), ('Twin sharing',), ('TWIN DLX',), ('Semi AC',), ('Single A/C',), ('GEN BED',), ('DELUXE NON A/C ',), ('5-General Ward',), ('Semi Special Ac',), ('NUR III',), ('EMERGENCY WARD CHARGES',), ('Emergency Observation - more than 6 hours',), ('Labour room',), ('Multi Beds',), ('SEMI- PRIVATE',), ('TRIPLE BED',), ('ICU Visit',), ('SEMI',), ('SINGLE AC',), ('Semi Private ',), ('deluxe',), ('DLX',), ('Levels',), ('STEP DOWN (NICU)',), ('ICCU II',), (' Private ROOM',), ('Los (Days)',), ('Single Private',), ('QRG Medicare Specialist',), ('HDU A - In ICU',), ('DLA',), ('PRIVATE ',), ('Surgeon Fees',), ('SUP.DLX',), ('IP',), ('Single Room AC',), ('ANAESTHESIA',), ('Deluxe AC',), ('SemiPrivate',), ('TRANSPLANT ICU',), ('Semi Spl. ',), ('SEMI PVT AC',), ('Ac Deluxe',), ('delux room',), ('GENERAL Ward ',), ('Post Operation Recovery',), ('Sharing room',), ('Package B',), ('Sharing Occupancy',), ('PICU level 1',), ('DELUXE SINGLE',), ('DELUXE (SINGLE)',), (' Gen Ward',), ('DAY CARE HDU',), ('PVT./ PVT. A/C Rs.',), (' Semi Private ',), ('OPD Tariff',), ('Sharing/Single Non AC',), ('MEB',), ('SEMI ',), ('Premuim Package',), ('All Cat',), ('FIRST',), ('D-ICU',), ('ipd',), ('HDU/ CT HDU',), ('A2- CLASS',), ('HDU Charges',), ('Pvt ( Ac)',), ('3DCRT',), ('SEMI PVT',), ('M I C U',), ('VISIT FEE WARD',), ('Approximate cost (1+2)',), ('Private NA/ C',), ('PLATINUM (SEMI PVT)',), ('DAY CARE UPTO 4 HRS.',), ('Private/ Single/ CU',), ('Pvt Room AC',), ('HDU ',), ('EXE SUITE',), ('nicu',), ('GENERAL BED',), ('Class D',), ('GENERAL ',), ("ALL ICU'S",), ('PCW',), ('MB',), ('Semi Private',), ('PLATINUM',), ('AC-Single',), ('DOUBLE BED NON A/C ',), ('Triple Sharing Room',), ('Common',), ('OPStandardPrice',), ('pvt a/c',), ('EXECUTIVE',), ('Double Bed (Semi Private)',), ('GW (Economy & Cubical)',), ('ISOLATION COVID19 HDU',), ('PACKAGE DAYS',), ('ER',), ('PRIVATE AC',), ('MULTI SHARING',), ('Super Delume Room',), ('DR.MATHEW',), ('CRIB',), ('PLATINUM DLX ROOM A/C TC & EMS',), ('MAY 2016 SUITE',), ("I'win Sharing",), ('Deluxe ICU',), ('OBSERVATION',), ('Semi PVT',), ('GENERAL WARD (3 Bedded)',), ('STANDARD',), ('PRIME SHARING 1/2 PATIENTS',), ('Single AC',), ('Sharing Occupancy/ Single room non A/C',), ('B',), ('ITU',), ('SEMI PRIVATE ECONOMY',), ('SINGLE A/C',), ('Recovery /HDU',), ('Suite',), ('ICU / PVT AC ',), ('actwin sharing',), ('DMO',), ('nicu sdn',), ('all cat',), ('SEMI SPECIAL NON AC',), ('IMRT',), ('SPECIAL ECONOMY',), ('Package D',), ('Private AC',), ('Deluxe Room.1',), ('TRIPLEX',), ('Treatment Room (OPD/A&E)',), ('NURSERY',), ('DELUX ROOM DELUX ROOM',), ('4 Bed Ward',), ('Tariff',), ('Single ',), ('Twin Sharing Room',), ('LM',), ('I.C.U./CCU',), ('MSBDOU',), ('SEMI PVT. ROOM (2 Bedded)',), ('ccu',), ('II class',), ('Type of Room Twin Sharing AC',), ('Deluxe room ',), ('B Class Single Non A/C Sharing',), ('Semi-Pvt',), ('SEMI- DELUX',), ('PAED ICU L1',), ('Single - Pvt AC',), ('Single AC Single AC',), ('All Wards',), ('NICU level 1/Nursery',), ('SHARED BED-1',), ('SEMI PRIVATE ROOM',), ('Casulaty',), ('Deluxe ',), ('MSBSUIT',), ('ICCU',), ('INSTRUMENT CHARGES',), ('AC Single',), ('Deluxe room',), ('DELUXE BED',), ('SINGLE ROOM NON AC',), ('ECONOMY',), ('GENERAL WARD (AC/NON AC)',), ('DELUXE AC',), ('Signature Deluxe',), ('DAY CARE',), ('LABOUR ROOM',), ('ECONOMY GENERAL WARD',), ('Room Charges',), ('DAY CARE BED',), ('Gereral',), ('cat‐2 snh',), ('HIGH DEPENDANCY UNIT',), ('OPD / DAYCARE',), ('Semi Pvt A/C, Non A/C.',), ('Gr. Suit',), ('SHARED BED-2',), ('Standard',), ('PER SESSION',), ('PR ST',), ('Provate room AC',), ('SHARING ROOM.1',), ('Super Deluxe',), ('semi pvt (4 bedded)',), ('Suite premium Ward',), ('NEURO GENERAL WARD',), ('ICCU(Special room)',), ('C CLASS',), ('Pvt AC',), ('PVT',), ('Delivery suite',), ('AC Gen. Ward ',), ('Deluxe Suite',), ('IMCU',), ('WITH CONTRAST',), ('SUPERIOR SINGLE ROOM',), ('MHSUSPL',), ('Semi Pvt.',), ('Tarrif',), ('Observation in ICU',), ('Semi  Private',), ('General',), ('1 Bed AC',), ('SSP',), ('Isolation ICU',), ('NUR I',), ('SUITS',), ('Multi Sharing ',), ('HDU POPT',), ('KTU',), ('ISOLATION WARD (GEN)',), ('DELUXE SUIT',), ('MAY 2016-P- SUITE',), ('Executive Premium',), ('LUX',), ('Private D',), ('Special',), ('Crib(Suite)',), ('Pvt',), ('Diagnostics',), ('SD',), ('Cat‐1C / D',), ('MSBGEN',), ('ICU GEN',), ('MULTI',), ('LUXURY ROOM',), ('Super Deluxe B',), ('NICU L-2',), ('Super Deluxe C',), ('Class A ',), ('Single Ac',), ('ISOLATION SINGLE ROOM',), ('Semi Private Room AC',), ('AOI Jammu OP Tariff',), ('REGULAR',), ('ICU (STEMCELL)',), ('Semi Special',), ('Special Private',), ('Classic',), ('SPECIAL MINI',), ('opd charges (in inr)',), ('Pvt Room',), ('iccu',), ('Special Room Non A/c.',), ('SEMI NON AC',), ('A1-CLASS',), ('Isolation Bed',), ('SINGLE NON A/C ',), ('ADI Jammu General Ward Tariff',), ('Executive classic Ward',), (' day care',), ('CRITICAL AREAS',), ('SEMI DELUXE ROOM (4 bedded)',), ('DELUXE EXECUTIVE',), ('LABOUR MONITORING',), ('SEMI PRIVATE ROOMS A A/C',), ('Deluxe/\nStd.AC',), ('ECONOMY SURGICAL WARD',), ('ISOLATION COVID19 ICU WITHOUT VENTILATOR',), ('PRIVATE ROOM',), ('S.PVT.',), ('Limit of Medicine & Consumables',), ('MEDICINE',), ('Semi\nPrivate',), ('WARD',), ('CRADLE BED',), ('P SUITE',), ('Single Room Non A/C',), ('ICU/SICU/NICU/PICU/ICCU/MICU Charges',), ('A/C ROOM',), ('SDIX',), ('Spl. A/C',), ('SINGLE AC ROOM',), ('DELUX SINGLE',), ('Double Sharing',), ('MULTI ',), (' TRIAGE BEDS',), ('HM',), ('gen.opd',), ('Special AC',), ('Delux',), ('CLASSIC BED',), ('Multi sharing',), ('SURGICAL SUITE',), ('ECONOMY ',), ('RR',), ('AC SINGLE',), ('NEWICU (G+5)',), ('Multi Sharing /General ward',), ('MHSUDLX',), ('daycare',), ('Four Bedded',), ('Deluxe',), ('PRIVATE WARD COOLER',), ('NICU LEVEL -3',), ('Twin Sharing',), ('GOPD',), ('Deluxe Baby Care',), ('Room (Rs.)',), ('ICU/NICU',), ('suite',), ('Suite premium ICU',), ('OT CHARGE',), ('NICU LEVEL-1',), ('Economy (EN)',), ('BELOW 2 HOURS',), ('Premium Economy',), ('BMT Unit',), ('SPECIAL [A/C]',), ('FOR ALL ROOMS',), ('Inpatient in single room',), ('CASUALITY/RECO VERY/STEPDOWN ICU/',), ('General Room A/c',), ('Single Private Room A/c',), ('PRESIDENTIAL SUITE',), ('Labour Room',), ('STEP DOWN (PICU)',), ('Referred',), ('NICU',), ('PLATINUM SUITE',), ('MINOR',), ('ICCU / CCU / CTVS',), ('1st CLASS',), ('ESP',), ('ECO',), ('SUPER DELUXE',), ('SEMI PRIVATE',), ('TWIN SHARING NON AC',), ('PREMIUM SUITE',), ('ICU/CCU',), ('Out patient',), ('Double Bed/Four Bed/ ICCU',), ('PROCEDURE',), ('General (GN)',), ('B Ward',), ('PRIVATE C',), ('A- Multibed',), ('Unnamed: 36',), ('FOUR BED',), ('Pvt. Room',), ('G.W',), ('New Born',), ('General/Economy',), (' GENERAL WARD',), ('Special Room A/c.',), ('MHSSPLA',), ('POST OP',), ('GOLD PLUS',), ('Special NON AC',), ('PICU & Nursery Room',), ('SHARING',), ('GENERAL.1',), ('AOI Jammu OP Tariff Base',), ('Class C',), ('AOI jammu Daycare Tariff',), ('Regular - Full Room',), ('CARDIAC ICU',), ('Dix',), ('PSR',), ('Single Deluxe (SD)',), ('DOUBLE SHARING',), ('NICU (NEONATAL INTENSIVE CARE UNIT)',), ('IPD PROCEDURE (PER DAY).1',), ('MAY 2016- DELUXE',), ('OPD (Rs.)',), ('GENERAL [Non A/C]',), ('TWIN SHARING AC ROOM ',), ('TRIPLE SHARING',), ('STEP DOWN NICU',), ('GEN WARD ',), ('NICU-SNCU',), ('ICCU ANNEXE',), ('Unnamed: 37',), ('Category',), ('Multibed AC',), ('DAYCARE PROCEDURE (FIRST 8 HOURS).1',), ('SINGLE A/C ',), ('GENERAL WARD ',), ('BED CHARGES',), ('MHWDLX',), ('Single Room Non AC',), ('ACCU (ACUTE CRITICAL CARE UNIT)',), ('Nur.',), ('single a/c',), ('SEMI PVT CUBICLE',), ('ISOLATION SHARING',), ('AC GENERAL',), ('MHWTS',), ('PICU (Rs.)',), ('los.1',), ('DELUXE SHARING',), ('I.C.U. Neuro',), ('Cat-2',), ('SURGEON CHARGE',), ('Non AC - Full Room',), ('ICU CHARGES',), ('1 Bed NAC',), ('HID',), ('Isolation',), ('BASE',), ('SP- AC',), ('SCOPY',), ('Single Regular',), ('AC SPECIAL',), ('PVT.',), ('NICU-all level',), ('Therapy Room 12 Hrs.',), ('ONCO DAY CARE',), ('g.ward',), ('MSBHDU',), ('SEMI-PRIVATE',), ('IP StandardPrice',), ('GENERAL WARD',), ('BPL WARD',), ('Private A/C,Non A/C.',), ('On Call',), ('ICU RECOVERY',), ('MULTI-BED',), ('cat-2',), ('PICU level 2',), ('SEMI PRIVATE WARD',), ('Single Non-AC',), ('NICU LEVEL -2',), ('INVEST- IGATION CHARGE',), ('OT RECOVERY',), ('SHARING OCCUPANCY',), ('DRUGS & CONSUMABLES',), ('Std.Non-AC',), ('op',), ('OPD (OP)',), ('SEMI PRIVATE ',), ('Pead Ward',), ('ECONOMY ROOM',), ('6-OPD',), ('Suites',), ('TS',), ('Non  AC',), ('ICU.1',), ('Sharing Occupancy/ Single Room Non A/C',), ('CLASS C',), ('TWIN SHARING',), ('Executive Room',), ('Semi Private AC',), ('ISOLATION SUPER DELUXE ROOM',), ('Super Deluxe Room',), ('Non-AC Economy',), ('cat-1',), ('GW',), ('cat‐1a premium',), ('emergency ward',), ('Suite classic Ward',), ('DELUXE A/C ',), ('NICU LEVEL-3',), ('Crib(Twin Sharing)',), ('Economy Plus',), ('BED Charges',), ('Paed ICU L1',), ('DOUBLE ROOM',), ('Covid CAre Unit',), ('Gen-A',), ('Spl SEMI PRIVATE',), ('Psychiatry Shanti Home',), ('STAY',), ('Daycare Deluxe',), ('MSBOP',), ('SEMI PRIVATE (AC/NON AC)',), ('SIGNATURE P.SUITE PACKAGE TPA',), ('Service Ward',), ('General / Economy',), ('AC Twin',), ('Classic Ward',), ('Twin sharing/single private/Deluxe',), ('PLAN',), ('VIP ROOM',), ('PAEDIATRIC WARD',), ('INTERIOR AREA',), ('TWIN SHARING NON-AC',), ('Pvt Room NON AC',), ('OPD BED',), ('PER (PAEDIATRIC EMERGENCY)',), ('Deluxe/Suite',), ('All Doctors',), ('CARDIAC RECOVERY',), ('Deluxe Premium',), ('2-Superior II',), ('Suit Room',), ('SUITE ROOM',), ('Oxygen',), ('NUR II',), ('Semi Spl',), ('Water',), ('CCU/CTVS ICU',), ('PVT- NON AC',), ('MHSOP',), ('NICU LEVEL-2',), ('GENERAL WARD AC',), ('CHEMOTHERAPY',), ('General ward',), ('AC',), ('Single Deluxe',), ('M.I.C.U/S.I.C.U/N.S.I.C.u STEP DOWN CRITICAL CARE',), ('SINGLE ROOM',), ('MinRoyal',), ('Semi Pvt AC',), ('OPD- Gr',), ('Twin Sharing non A.C.',), ('Day care ',), ('PRIVATE ROOM ',), ('PAEDIATRIC HDU',), ('single ac',), ('Semi',), ('FIRST CLASS',), ('ICU ISOLATION BED',), ('P.I.C.U',), ('Suite classic ICU',), ('S. Pvt.',), ('private',), ('NICU- Isolation',), ('ISOLATION',), ('semipvt',), ('Emergency Visiting Fee',), ('ICU L-1',), ('Material',), ('MLC',), ('Semi deluxe Ac-Privilege silver plus (Twin Sharring )',), ('Special Non AC',), ('Single ac Room',), ('Nightingale Ward',), ('GYNAE WARD',), ('Pvt (Non Ac)',), ('GENERAL Rs.',), (' Causality',), ('STANDARD BED',), ('PREMIER',), ('deluxe room',), ('MHWSUI',), ('Platinum',), ('Luxury',), ('AOI Jammu Delux Room Tariff',), ('Limit Of Medicine & Consumable',), ('DELUXE ROOM A/C',), ('Covid ICU',), ('S Ward',), ('Economy',), ('ICU /ICCU Charges',), ('NEUROREHAB',), ('FOUR BEDDED',), ('EXECUTIVE ROOM',), ('STEM CELL',), ('A3- CLASS',), ('Cat‐4 Bed',), ('Semi Delux',), ('General Ward Non-AC',), ('HSG. Charges',), ('Outpatient',), ('LDR',), ('Nursery/Neonatal ICU',), ('NICU-LI',), ('twin',), ('Isolation Room',), ('vip suite',), ('CTVS ICU',), (' AC DELUXE',), ('Twin Non AC',), ('SINGLE ROOM A/C',), ('SEMI PRIVATE ROOM (3 bedded)',), ('general',), ('MHWSW',), ('NEONATAL ICU',), ('TW',), ('DAY VISIT',), ('Cradle',), ('SINGLE BED',), ('Privilege gold + (SUITE)',), ('TWIN SHARING AC',), ('ISOLATION-SINGLE',), ('DELUX SUIT',), ('TRIPLE',), (' suite',), ('Non-AC Semi Special',), ('A WARD',), ('MAY 2016 WARD',), ('deluxe & above',), ('USpl',), ('NICU- ALL LEVEL',), ('Deluxe Ward',), ('STEP IN (BICU)',), ('MULTI\nBED',), ('SICU (Rs.) ',), ('POPD',), ('SUITE',), ('Nursing Charges ',), ('MULTIBED',), ('cat‐2 double',), ('RAPIDARC',), ('B-CLASS',), ('PICU FAMILY CENTRIC ROOM',), ('Emergency',), ('A',), ('PAEDIATRIC CARDIAC WARD',), ('Pvt/ICU',), ('Cost to Patient',), ('TWIN BED.1',), ('gopd',), ('double bed',), ('vip cabin',), ('SDICU',), ('EQP Charges',), ('EXE. SUITE',), ('3BED ROOM RENT',), ('ICCU Charges',), ('DX',), ('FIVE BEDDED',), ('Spl GENERAL WARD',), ('Special Classic Ward',), ('Twin sharing non AC',), ('GENERAL [A/C]',), ('ICCU Cardiac',), ('Cubicle/Trip TSW',), ('AOl Jammu Single Room Tariff',), ('Single',), ('ONCO DAYCARE',), ('MHDOP',), ('S. PVT',), ('SUIT ',), ('Non AC',), ('Limit Of Investigation',), ('AMOUNT',), ('GOLD WARD',), ('OICU',), ('Special Ward (B)',), ('(ICCU) A/C ',), ('ISOLATION ROOM',), ('NICU ',), ('General Ward ',), ('VIP Suite',), ('Privilege gold (Deluxe Ac Single )',), ('Single Non A/C',), ('Semi Deluxe',), ('Deluxe / Single Room AC',), ('PICU-all level',), ('ICCU/SICU/MICU/CCU/HDU',), ('MICU/SICU',), ('LTP-HDU',), ('GENER AL WARD',), ('Single NICU/PICU Charges',), ('cat',), ('Length of STA',), ('Single Classic',), ('Private Deluxe',), ('ICU Cross',), ('MARKENDAYA (G+5) N.S.I.C.U\n',), ('Single Economy',), ('General  ward',), (' MICU',), ('DC',), ('MULTI BED',), ('NICU Level 1',), ('PREMIUM',), ('Semi Private Room',), ('ICU/CCU/RR',), (' General Ward ',), ('DELUXE',), ('DELUXE I C U (G+5)',), ('triage',), ('Daycare',), ('AMBULATORY SURGERY WARD',), ('Single Room.1',), ('Neuro ICU',), ('Cat‐2 2 Bedded',), ('picu',), ('SPL',), ('CSICU',), ('Twin Classic',), ('PLATINUM PRIVATE ROOM',), ('Single Non A/C Room',), ('SAPPHIRE',), ('SEMI DELUXE WARD',), (' AC SINGLE',), ('emergency charges opd ',), ('Deluxe Suite (VIP)',), ('Super Deluxe & Above',), ('LABOR ROOM',), ('Emergency Bed',), ('Single Pvt',), ('NICU LEVEL III',), (' MAHARANI',), ('semi deluxe',), ('ECONOMY-AC',), ('SINGLE',), ('Gen Ward',), ('Rack Rate',), ('DELUXE SUITE ROOM',), ('Cat-3 4 Bedded',), ('Single Room',), ('REVISED',), ('ICU-1',), ('IP CHARGES ',), ('Nursery Charges',), ('Queen Suite',), ('triple',), ('Package A',), ('ISOLATION ROOM (ICU)',), ('ISOLATION DELUXE ROOM',), ('Deluxe Room',), ('NICU L-3',), ('CUBICLES',), ('ICU/CCU/SICU/MICU/HDU',), ('DELUXE.1',), ('BURNS',), ('Cat‐1A Premium',), ('SINGLE NON AC',), ('Sh Room Deluxe',), ('Package E',), ('Outdoor',), ('A/C DLX/ SUITE Rs.',), ('IPD',), ('New Suite AC',), ('Diabetic Management',), ('DELUXE (SINGLE).1',), ('ISOLATION WARD (PRIVATE ) BED NO 252601',), ('Platinum Package',), ('MAY 2016-D- SUITE',), ('Crib(Single)',), ('CLASS B',), ('Sharing/Semi Private Room Non A/C',), ('Maximum Duration Of Stay',), ('investigations (approx)',), ('PRIVATE',), ('DIAMOND',), ('Single Room Pvt',), ('Total Charges',), ('Twin Sharing A.C.',), ('IPD PROCEDURE (PER DAY)',), ('Gen.',), ('Charges',), ('NICU Level 2',), ('NICU level 2',), ('2 Bed Ward',), ('SUITES',), ('PRIVATE DELUX ',), ('Semi Dulexe Or single Ac',), ('COVID19 SINGLE ROOM',), ('Ssp-A',), ('Genral Ward',), ('NICU level 3',), ('premium',), ('Rent',), ('SEMI PVT NON AC',), (' General ward',), ('Gne.ward',), ('Multi Bed',), ('HI-TECH MICU',), ('DIALYSIS',), ('Executive Rooms',), ('MEN',), ('Jr. Suit',), ('STD',), ('OPD/ COMMON Rs.',), ('Maharaja Suite',), ('Economy (Three Bed)',), ('Special Room Non A/C',), ('PICU Level 1',), ('Semi Private AC (2 Bedded)',), ('Classic ICU',), (' Private ',), ('cat‐1d single',), ('Classic Deluxe',), ('General ward A/C,Non A/C.',), ('Diamond Package',), ('General ward A/C,Non A/C..1',), ('Non-AC Special ',), ('economy',), ('deluxe ac',), ('dlx premium',), ('STEP DOWN (ICU)',), ('PRIVATE NON AC',), ('Therapy Room 24 Hrs.',), ('Pvt A/C',), ('Special Classic ICU',), ('S. Del',), ('SEMI SPECIAL',), ('SUI',), ('1-First & Deluxe',), ('RTU',), ('ICU L1',), ('Dlx Suite',), ('All ICU Charges',), ('DAYCARE PROCEDURE (FIRST 8 HOURS)',), ('HLT/LTU/KTU/BMT',), ('Super Dlx',), ('OPD.1',), ('ECONOMY AC',), ('Cat‐1D NH/ Cat‐2 SNH',), ('Double room ',), ('MHSSSPA',), ('IP patient Consultant Fee',), ('TW NAC',), ('SEMI DELUXE',), ('SEMI-DELUXE',), ('NICU LEVEL I/II',), ('Suite Premium',), ('POST CATH',), ('Sup Del',), ('SPV',), ('GRAND SUITE',), ('DELUXE ROOM',), ('Deluxe Classic Ward',), ('Day Care',), ('executive premium Ward',), ('Single room non A/C',), ('DR. FEE',), ('Semi Private Room A/c',), ('HDU CHARGES',), ('CLASS D',), ('PIMCU',), ('EXECUTIVE SUITE',), ('General ',), ('MHDSIGL',), ('MHSGENA',), ('Ac General Ward',), ('PRIVATE DLX',), ('GN/DC',), ('SP- NON AC',), ('VIP',), ('Super Dlx/Suit Room',), ('Nursery',), ('SUP. DELUXE',), ('OPD',), ('WARD RENT',), ('King Suite',), ('A/C Suite Room',), ('Nursing',), ('Suite A/ C',), ('New Delux AC Twin',), ('C',), ('DELUXE A/C',), ('AC Economy',), ('WARD ISOLATION',), ('Semi Special Room Non A/c.',), ('SEMI DELUXE ROOM',), ('IGRT',), ('AC DOUBLE',), ('Super Deluxe A',), ('twin sharing ',), ('DR.PANKAJ',), ('ER CASUALITY',), ('Multibedding',), ('DO',), ('semi pvt (2 bedded)',), ('C- Singlebed',), ('Intensive Care',), ('DELUXE ROOM/ SINGLE ROOM',), ('Private A/ C',), ('B ClASS',), ('sh. cabin',), ('Presidential suite',), ('INVESTIGATIONS',), ('Equipment',), ('MAHARAJA',), ('PCU',), ('ICU',), ('QRG Medicare SuperSpecialist',), ('Executive Classic',), ('Sémi Pvt Ward',), ('Sharing Room',), ('MHSSPL',), ('Multi Bed Unit',), (' Super Deluxe',), ('PRIVATE SUITE',), ('SMD',), ('3/4 Bedded',), ('CUBICLE WARD',), ('Premium Deluxe',), ('Suite Classic',), (' PICU',), ('GenW',), ('twin s room',), ('Charges/day',), ('4-Lower Second',), ('executive premium ICU',), ('Triple Sharing',), ('MHDDOU',), ('deluxe premium ICU',), ('Delux ward',), ('Package Charges',), ('Twin Sharing ',), (' d',), ('DOUBLE',), ('ISOLATION (separate AHU)',), ('Consultant',), ('Semi Private Non AC',), ('SPECIAL',), ('Single (SN)',), ('LTICU',), ('SINGLE OCCUPANCY',), ('PRIVATE ROOMS',), ('Neonatal ICU',), ('Single Room A/C',), ('SILVER BED (4 in 1 ROOM) A/C',), ('ICU - Isolation',), ('Deluxe ward',), ('Sharing Access',), ('Two Beded',), ('SEMI PVT/ DAY CARE / CSW',), ('VIP AC Beds',), ('Deluxe Executive Room',), ('Gold Package',), ('Single AC, Deluxe & above',), ('ICU ',), ('twin sharing ac',), ('SCBU',), ('Ward',), ('MHWOP',), ('Single Room ',), ('PVT ROOM AC',), ('NICU-HI',), ('SEMI PVT./ DAY CARE Rs.',), ('F',), ('CASUALITY',), ('ECONOMY WARD',), ('Recovery Room',), ('Single Pvt Room',), ('A Class Single.',), ('SEMI DELUXE ROOM (2 bedded)',), ('Twin Sharing.1',), ('DP WARD',), ('MHDTRP',), ('General Ward AC',), ('VISIT FEE ROOM',), ('KICU',), ('Indoor',), ('single ac room ',), ('NICU-SD',)]
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