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# Import necessary libraries and modules
import pandas as pd
import matplotlib.pyplot as plt

# Load movie data (e.g., scenes, character interactions, and events)
movie_data = pd.read_csv('thappad_movie_data.csv')

# Self and Social Perception Analysis
# Define key scenes related to self and social perception
slap_scene = movie_data.loc[movie_data['scene'] == 'The Slap Scene']
mother_conversation = movie_data.loc[movie_data['scene'] == 'Amrita\'s Conversation with Her Mother']
friend_relatives_conversation = movie_data.loc[movie_data['scene'] == 'Amrita\'s Conversations with Friends and Relatives']
inlaws_interaction = movie_data.loc[movie_data['scene'] == 'Amrita\'s Interaction with Her In-laws']
lawyer_visit = movie_data.loc[movie_data['scene'] == 'Amrita\'s Visit to the Lawyer']
court_monologue = movie_data.loc[movie_data['scene'] == 'Amrita\'s Final Monologue in Court']

# Display and analyze these scenes to explore self and social perception themes

# Attitudes Analysis
# Define key scenes related to attitudes
attitude_formation = movie_data.loc[movie_data['scene'] == 'Attitude Formation']
attitude_influencing_behavior = movie_data.loc[movie_data['scene'] == 'Attitude influencing behavior']
attitude_behavior_link = movie_data.loc[movie_data['scene'] == 'Attitude-Behavior Link']
attitude_change = movie_data.loc[movie_data['scene'] == 'Attitude Change']

# Display and analyze these scenes to explore attitudes in the movie

# Stereotypes, Prejudices, and Discrimination Analysis
# Define key scenes related to stereotypes, prejudices, and discrimination
prejudice_scene = movie_data.loc[movie_data['scene'] == 'Prejudice Scene']
stereotypes_scene = movie_data.loc[movie_data['scene'] == 'Stereotypes Scene']
discrimination_scene = movie_data.loc[movie_data['scene'] == 'Discrimination Scene']

# Display and analyze these scenes to explore how the movie portrays these concepts

# Aggression Analysis
# Define key scenes related to aggression
aggression_theories = movie_data.loc[movie_data['scene'] == 'Aggression Theories']
aggression_influences = movie_data.loc[movie_data['scene'] == 'Influences on Aggression']
aggression_determinants = movie_data.loc[movie_data['scene'] == 'Determinants of Aggression']
aggression_prevention = movie_data.loc[movie_data['scene'] == 'Prevention and Control of Aggression']

# Display and analyze these scenes to understand how aggression is depicted in the movie

# Generate visualizations, if needed, to present the findings

# Conclude the analysis by summarizing the movie's portrayal of psychological concepts

# Add any additional code for data processing, visualization, or insights as required