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o	Tunable matching circuit for Antenna: By using the tunable matching circuit, we may reduce the number of antenna and switches.
o	Multi-mode Amplifier and Amplifier Sharing: By using those amplifiers that can support multi-mode (i.e, multiple radio technologies like GSM, WCDMA, LTE) and by sharing an amplifier for multiple bands / modes, we can reduce the complexity of the front end. 
o	Tunable Filters: As of now (Mar 2018), this still remain as a 'wish list', not an achieved goal. There has been several ideas on tunable filters but not yet meeting the performance criteria of SAW / BAW / FBAR filters. 
o	Advanced Packaging: As technology evolves in each RF components, the size of each discrete components tend to get smaller and smaller, but as we put more and more devices in the chip and we need more spaces for wiring them together. As a result, wiring/bonding spaces are becoming an issue. We are expecting more idea about packaging to come out to minimize these issues.