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Looking for Quote for the development of below indicator 

High-Precision Signals: Develop an algorithm that generates highly accurate buy and sell signals by integrating multiple indicators and price patterns to enhance trading accuracy. Please Suggest the best and widely used technical parameter for buy and sell signals with Target Points up to 3 with entry levels and stop loss. 

Effective Trend Confirmation: Implement tools to confirm market trends using moving averages, trend lines, and reliable analysis methods, offering clear insights into the prevailing market direction.

Automated Trendline Detection: Include a feature that automatically identifies and marks crucial trend levels, such as support, resistance, and trend channels, to simplify technical analysis.

Volume Profile Integration: Integrate volume profile analysis to help traders identify significant price levels where notable buying or selling interest exists.

Comprehensive Trade Management: Provide various stop-loss options to allow traders to manage their risk effectively according to their strategies and risk tolerance levels.

Optimized Take-Profit Levels: Implement a system that sets three take-profit levels at a risk-reward ratio of 1:2.3, promoting a structured approach to maximizing gains while minimizing potential losses.

Multi-Timeframe Trend Analysis Dashboard: Create a dashboard that offers a holistic view of trends across multiple timeframes, enabling traders to make more informed decisions based on comprehensive market analysis.
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