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import nltk
from nltk.chat.util import Chat, reflections

reflections = {
  "i am"       : "you are",
  "i was"      : "you were",
  "i"          : "you",
  "i'm"        : "you are",
  "i'd"        : "you would",
  "i've"       : "you have",
  "i'll"       : "you will",
  "my"         : "your",
  "you are"    : "I am",
  "you were"   : "I was",
  "you've"     : "I have",
  "you'll"     : "I will",
  "your"       : "my",
  "yours"      : "mine",
  "you"        : "me",
  "me"         : "you"

pairs = [
    ['(hi|hello|hey|ahnyeong|hola)', ['Hey there!', 'Hi there!', 'Hey!']],
    ['(.*) your name?', ['My name is JAAKA, I am Transaction Chatbox AI']],
    ['(.*) do you do?', ['I am here to have a transaction with you in purchasing our product!']],
    ['(.*) created you?', ['I was created by a group of people namely Joseph Aloc, Angelo Echano, \n'
                           'Arriana Mae Malubay, Kris Rainelle Despaer and Andre Sanez. \n'
                           'Clearly my name came from their combined first name initials.']],
    ['(.*) want to order some t-shirts', ['How many t-shirts would you like to purchase?']],
    ['(.*) want buy (2|3|4|5) t-shirts', ['What sizes would you like it to be?']],
    ['(Small|Medium|Large)', ['Would you like it plain, designed or customized?']],
    ['Plain', ['What colors would you like your t-shirts are?']],
    ['(Black|White|Red|Blue)', ['How would you like to pay our transaction?']],
    ['Designed', ['Is the design you want for female, male or unisex?']],
    ['(Female|Male|Unisex)', ['How would you like to pay our transaction']],
    ['Customized', ['If you want a customized design t-shirt, Please go to our website\n'
                    'and contact us for your preferred design details. \n'
                    'How would you like to pay our transaction?']],
    ['(Cash|Credit Card|GCash)', ['Ok, total price of your purchased t-shirts will be given the moment you claim it. \n'
                                  'How would you like to claim your purchased t-shirts?']],
    ['Delivery', ['Ok, as for Customers Home Delivery. \n'
                  'Please state your name, address and mobile number. \n'
                  'What is your name?']],
    ['(.*) name is ', ['What is your address?']],
    ['(.*) live in ', ['What is your mobile number?']],
    ['(.*) mobile number is', ['Would that be all for your order?']],
    ['Store WalkIn', ['Ok, for Direct WalkIn Customers. We are open at 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. \n'
                      'We will wait for your arrival to claim your items until our closing hours. \n'
                      'Would that be all for your order?']],
    ['Yes', ['Transaction Complete! \n'
             'Data for customer purchase is successfully collected! \n'
             'That would all for this transaction.']],
    ['(Thanks|Thank you)', ['Glad to be at your service Dear Customer.']],
    ['(Bye|Goodbye|Bye Bye)', ['Bye! Have a nice day! \n'
                               'Thank you again for purchasing our product. \n'
                               'Hope you would have a transaction with us again.']]

def conversation():
    print("Hi! I am Transaction Chatbox AI created by the JAAKA Group at your service.")
    print("I am here to take your order for our transaction, our Dear Customer!")
    conversation = Chat(pairs, reflections)

#initiate the conversation
if _name_ == "_main_":